Young Bertil Bertil Holmberg
Education: Electronics engineer 1969, Medical exam 1980, Specialist in Anesthesiology 1987
Employment: AB Metior 1969-72, Dresser Ljungmans 1972-74, Malmö General Hospital 1980-
Programming: Intel 8008 (assembler) 1973, Motorola 6800 (assembler, FORTH) 1976-1983, Apple Macintosh (assembler, FORTH, NEON, HyperTalk) 1985-, Apple Newton (NewtonScript), Cocoa 2001-03, 2007-, iPhone OS 2008-

My Macintosh programs
Lotto X is a small random generator for the Swedish Lotto system but also a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of Cocoa, the preferred programming environment for Mac OS X. It has its own page here.

SSListView is a Cocoa list view class will display long lists of similar items in snaking columns. The complete source code, class documentation, and an example application is avaliable on the listview page.

MacTravesty is a unique Mac-only program will break down a text into character sequences. It will, for example, tabulate the frequencies of triplets such as Mac, acT, cTr etc. These frequencies are typical for a particular language. The program can also create random prose based on the frequencies. Latest version 1.1.1. Alas, only for Classic Mac OS.

My web sites:

  • MacTidingsNU / Up to date link collection and some musings in Swedish
  • Pinky & Pentax / Petit dolls and cameras [in English]


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