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Updated 08-08-02

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This custom Cocoa list view class will display long lists of similar items in snaking columns that will scroll horizontally, if needed. The data is shown using a NSTextFieldCell, but it is possible to use a custom cell instead. Individual data items respond to clicks and double clicks, they can be edited, and partially support formatting. The appearance and functionality of a SSLIstView can be customized by many methods that are similar to those available to NSTableView. See the class documentation that also features an example using a custom cell.


Since the SSListView class inherits from NSView, it implements much of the NSControl functionality in its own code. This might help anyone who wish to create other custom controls that use cells.

A simple example application is available that demonstrates most of the possibilities of the SSLIstView.
A CustomView has been made a subview of a Scroll View and its Custom Class set to SSListView. The dataSource and delegate outlets are connected to the ListController.
The source and example are now updated to run under Mac OS X 10.5 and Xcode 3.1. I hope this will work for you too.

The SSListView example app: (56 kB).
The SSListView source code: (88 kB).

There must be things that I have not thought of and perhaps even bugs in this newbie class, if you find something questionable, please let me know:

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