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Updated 17-02-26


Vintage Vinyl Belts

The 1950s were the golden age of the vinyl or PVC belt. The plastic and the technique were ready after the war and the fashion starved public eager to adopt an exciting new material. New stylish designs and low prices made these lovely belts popular in the fifties. However, time would show that the once trendy belts were less durable than the traditional leather belt. Later, the newer PU material would prove stronger and allow for a more natural leather substitute. Even so, the original PVC belt will always remain attractive in a unique way that it shares with the traditional PVC raincoat. This listing tries to help us understand the peculiar charm of the plastic belt. There are quite a number of images below that represent different variations of a few basic styles.
Oops, the last update was more than a year ago. As the single page layout had become rather unwieldy, a menu was added in the left column to help with navigation, and now the content will be spread over five or even six pages which should give shorter load times. Below, you will find all new items that subsequently will be moved to a more relevant section.
Another six months have passed with many new exiting belts added to my collection. You will definitely see them in time but first come first, there is a considerable backlog to be listed beforehand. Some are already in my iPhoto, others still wait for favorable photo conditions.
The belts originally listed below have been moved to their respective sections with the ‘New’ label still there while a new batch will be added below.
A new section with various belt scenes is added in an attempt to show these great belts in their original context.

New Belts

New belts of all types recently added to the site.

Fiorucci Belt

New Another rare heirloom from the Fiorucci empire. Magnificent welded belt with a link motif. The buckle is molded white plastic.

Brown Velvet Welded Belt

New Thin brown welded belt with a velvet surface. This includes the unusual half buckle with a rounded end.

Red Patent Belt

New Skinny red patent belt with two layers double stiched together. It has a small welded almost square half buckle.

Black Long Buckle Belt

New Unique thin stitched belt with a rectangular welded buckle that has three parts but no pin.

Black Patched Belt

New This black stitched belt has a thin backing and is decorated with several sewn on white PVC patches. It has a squarish welded buckle.

Black Velvet Belt

New This weird belt is difficult to illustrate. It is made from a very soft front of shiny black PVC and a velvet cloth back. The two are stitched together with their backs on the outside as a long bag and then turned outside in. The open end is closed with the golden clasp that is attached to the self covered PVC buckle.

White Welded Belt

New Skinny white belt with a smooth white inside. It features a slightly elongated welded buckle and somewhat frayed grommets in the holes.

Red Welded Belt

New Skinny shiny red belt with a nice round end and a pretty welded buckle. The textured inside is skin colored.

Round Gold Buckle Belt

New Shiny red belt with stitched edges. The round buckle without pin is gold metal.

Black Stitched Belt

New A black stitched belt in textile backed PVC. The welded buckle is round and somewhat smaller than the belt.

Gray Stitched Belt

New Another stitched belt in light gray embossed soft PVC. The welded buckle has a very irregular shape and is narrower than the belt proper.

Red Welded Belt

New A beautiful shiny red belt with a nicely pointed end and a round welded buckle. The inside is smooth in skin color. A previous owner has removed the single pin.

Red Welded Belt

New Red belt in the classical design with welded buckle and two covered pins. It has a slightly velveted inside. In mint condition after half a century with the belt loop still in place!

Bluish Stitched Belt

New This stitched belt has a smooth surface in bluish gray. The slightly stiff material must be folded inside the undersized welded buckle.

Red Leather Backed Belt

New Medium sized shiny red PVC belt with a leather backing. The cute little welded buckle features a covered pin.

Black Red Inside Belt

New Shiny black PVC double stitched to a red lining. It has a nice little welded buckle with a single silver pin.

Soft Gray Belt

New A soft stitched gray belt. The welded buckle is slightly smaller than required by the belt width.

Gold Leather Backed Belt

New Unique golden PVC belt with a leather backing. It has a half buckle with welded plastic and two belt loops.

Red Double PIn Buckle Belt

New Another double layer textile-backed PVC belt in bright red. The nicely rounded welded buckle has two gold pins.

Brown Double PIn Buckle Belt

New A brown belt with textured textile-backed PVC, folded over and glued together. The welded buckle has two gold pins.

Blue Welded Belt

New Bright blue welded belt in the classical design with welded buckle and two covered pins. It has a slightly velveted inside.

Wide Blue Patent Belt

New Blue patent leather belt with a glossy PVC surface stitched on. The straight middle part is not as wide as the end pieces connecting to the large gold metal buckle.

Blue Belt Weird Buckle

New A soft stitched blue belt. The welded buckle has an irregular and unusual shape.

Stiched Stretch Belt

New Here we have a stretch belt where the main part is black elastic terminated with two layers of shiny PVC stitched together. The large buckle is welded, of course.

Black Leather Backed Belt

New Medium width black belt with patterned PVC backed by stitched leather. It has a half buckle with welded plastic.

Wide White Snake Embossed Belt

New A very wide white welded belt with a snake skin embossed surface. The inside is smooth with a skin color.

Soft Blue Belt

New Very soft stitched blue belt with a slightly embossed surface. The buckle is welded, of course.

White Stitched Red Belt

New Red pleather belt with white bands stitched on. It has a large welded half buckle in red plastic.

Wide Red Leather Backed Belt

New This wide red belt is backed by leather stitched to the shiny PVC front. The two pin buckle is self covered with thin red plastic.

Red Stitched Blue Edge Belt

New Red patent leather belt with a blue edge stitched on. The square welded buckle is also blue.

Stich Welded Riveted Belt

New Uniquely designed belt with three separate welded pieces held together with rivets. The red PVC features a fake stitch welding pattern. The roller buckle is punched metal and the holes are grommeted.

Brown Stitched Threee Lane with Stone

New A brown stitched patent leather belt with an unusual shape. It features three lanes that cross in the middle with a stone. The buckle has the typical welded design.

Fiorucci Ring Belt

New Magnificent welded Fiorucci belt with a cartoon theme. It features two large rings and a round metal buckle. The same belt was also available without the rings.

Black Grommet Belt

New Black stitched belt with grommets all along the belt in three rows. The supple black PVC has an embossed snake skin pattern. The round buckle is gold metal.

Black Welded Tapered End

New Medium wide welded black belt with an alongated rounded end.

Black Welded Cool Pattern

New Medium wide welded black belt with an interesting surface pattern and the usual skin colored backing.

Wide Brown Textured Belt

New A wide brown welded belt with a textured surface and the common skin colored backing. The welded double buckle features two gold colored pins. A bit wawy but otherwise in mint condition.

Do you have a story to tell about these magnificent belts? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please send photos of your belts if you have any. Any additions to my collection are welcome too, of course. My email address is in the top right corner of this page.

All Your Belts Are Belong to Us.