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Updated 17-05-13


Vintage Vinyl Belts

The 1950s were the golden age of the vinyl or PVC belt. The plastic and the technique were ready after the war and the fashion starved public eager to adopt an exciting new material. New stylish designs and low prices made these lovely belts popular in the fifties. However, time would show that the once trendy belts were less durable than the traditional leather belt. Later, the newer PU material would prove stronger and allow for a more natural leather substitute. Even so, the original PVC belt will always remain attractive in a unique way that it shares with the traditional PVC raincoat. This listing tries to help us understand the peculiar charm of the plastic belt. There are quite a number of images below that represent different variations of a few basic styles.
New year, new belts. Shortly, there will be several very interesting belts listed here. Meanwhile, I have moved the not so new ones to their respective sections.
A new section with various belt scenes was added in an attempt to show these great belts in their original context.

New Belts

New belts of all types recently added to the site.

Twisted Belt

New Very unusual baby pink welded belt that is actually two intertwined belts. These have two small self covered buckles and the holes are welded. This unique belt looks unused, perhaps because it is rather short, only 24 inches long.

Stitched Black Belt

New A wide black belt backed by an PVC sheet with an intricate embossing pattern. It has the classic welded buckle and nice pointed end. No wardrobe should be without a similar shiny accessory.

Red Welded Romboid Buckle

New Beautiful embossed skinny welded red belt with a very unusual romboid buckle. This is actually worn at an inclined angle as suggested by the image. The holes are welded too and never used.

Stitched Blue Belt

New Soft blue belt with a smooth surface and four decorative stitches. The buckle is welded, of course.

Blue Welded Pointed End

New Medium wide welded blue belt with an pointed end.

Fiorucci Label Belt

New Unique welded Fiorucci belt with all the companys jeans labels between a clear cover and a white background. The white buckle is injection molded and the holes metal grommeted.

Green Welded Round End

New Pretty green welded belt with a rounded end and a velvet inside.

White Welded Tapered End

New This white belt has two heavily textured sheets welded together. The end tapers off in an unusual way. The buckle is clad with the same checkered PVC sheet.

Black Welded Rounded End

New Handsome medium wide welded black belt with a rounded end. The skin colored inside is slightly embossed.

Wide Black Patent Belt

New Classical black patent leather belt that should be in any wardrobe. As it is quite wide, it curves slightly for a good fit. Although probably from the seventies, it still features the vintage welded buckle.

Thin Green Belt

New Skinny welded green belt with a long rounded buckle.

Soft Black Belt

New Very soft stitched black belt with an embossed surface and a shiny smooth inside. It has a small welded buckle.

Thin Red Patent Belt

New Skinny red patent leather belt with a decorative stitch. The long buckle is welded.

Hooked Round Buckle Belt

New Wide stitched textile backed beige belt with a large sliding round buckle held by a hook in the end of the belt.

Black Stitched Belt

New Wide black stitched belt with a rounded welded half buckle and two belt loops.

Wide Blue Pleather Belt

New A wide wide dark blue belt with thin PVC backed by stitched pleather. It has a round welded buckle with no pin.

Fiorucci Ring Belt

New Unique Guiness cartoon belt. Large and stiff it is made from two layers of textilebacked vinyl stitched together at the edges. The thick outer layer has a smooth surface, while the inside has an embossed surface with a textile pattern. The vintage buckle is the signature welded vinyl over metal frame. The holes are lined with white eylets.

Soft Purple Belt

New Very wide soft stitched violet belt with a somewhat undersized oval welded buckle.

White Welded Perforated

New Mint white welded belt with decorative perforations and a velvet back. The rectangular buckle has two metal pins

Thin Green Belt

New Very thin (1 cm) welded green belt with a skin colored back and a long rectangular buckle.

Red Welded Covered Pin

New Classic welded red belt with an almost square end. The buckle features a pin with the cover sliding off.

Stiff Black Belt

New Rather stiff black belt with a thick PVC sheet stitched around a back that looks like parchment. The welded buckle has no pin.

Thin Green Leather Backed Belt

New Pretty green belt where the decorated front PVC is backed by leather. The welded buckle is somwhat oval in shape.

Black Welded Round End

New Two thin welded black belts with a rounded end. Their insides are skin colored and slightly embossed.

Stitchwelded White Belt

New Very unusual slim belt with two layers of perforated PVC with a stitch around the edge. This is in fact only decorative, however, the plastic sheets are actually welded together. The rectangular buckle is welded too.

Thin Black Patent Belt

New A skinny patent leather belt with a welded half buckle. The surface is a thin soft PVC sheet stitched to a thicker PU backside. This may have appeared in the seventies.

Soft Purple Belt

New Medium width soft stitched purple belt with a textile base. The end has a decorative welded stitch pattern (not visible). The round buckle is welded, of course.

Black Leather Backed Belt

New Thin black belt backed by leather stitched to the shiny PVC front. It ha a self covered buckle with a single golden pin.

Green Welded Welded Belt

New Medium wide welded green belt with a single uncovered pin.

Stitched Black Belt

New Somewhat stiff stitched shiny black belt. It has a rather large rectangular welded buckle.

Do you have a story to tell about these magnificent belts? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please send photos of your belts if you have any. Any additions to my collection are welcome too, of course. My email address is in the top right corner of this page.

All Your Belts Are Belong to Us.