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Updated 18-11-19


Vintage Vinyl Belts

The 1950s were the golden age of the vinyl or PVC belt. The plastic and the technique were ready after the war and the fashion starved public eager to adopt an exciting new material. New stylish designs and low prices made these lovely belts popular in the fifties. However, time would show that the once trendy belts were less durable than the traditional leather belt. Later, the newer PU material would prove stronger and allow for a more natural leather substitute. Even so, the original PVC belt will always remain attractive in a unique way that it shares with the traditional PVC raincoat. This listing tries to help us understand the peculiar charm of the plastic belt. There are quite a number of images below that represent different variations of a few basic styles.
Autumn again with several new very interesting vintage belts. As usual, I have moved the not so new ones to their respective sections.
A new section with various belt scenes was added in 2017 in an attempt to show these great belts in their original context.

New Belts

New belts of all types recently added to the site.

Fiorucci Heart Belt

New A colorful welded Fiorucci belt with an unusual closure. The shiny blue outside is painted with white hearts while the buckle feature red ones. It is quite short so it could have been made for a child.

Welded Brown Belt

New Narrow brown welded belt in the classical design with an almost square welded buckle. The inside has a velvet surface.

Fiorucci Buckle Belt

New Amazing welded Fiorucci belt with a replaceable buckle. The internal white PVC sheet has a slight textture and is decorated with colorful paint splashes. This is covered with a transparent sheet and has a black backsheet.

Fiorucci Buckle Belt

New Another view of the Fiorucci belt with three exchangeable buckles. The black inside has a slight texture.

Perforated Red Belt

New Handsome perforated red belt in extruded PVC. The half buckle is welded plastic over metal.

Blue White Red Belt

New Beautiful stitched belt in the American colors. The unusual octagonal buckle is welded of course.

White Stitched Belt

New Stitched white belt with a rectangular golden metal buckle without pin.

Pink Round Buckle Belt

New Hot pink double layer textile-backed PVC belt. The round welded buckle has no pins.

Red Padded Belt

New Yet another version of the double buckle padded and welded Fiorucci US belt. This one features a nice Christmas red color. The buckles are self covered.

Long Buckle Belt

New Here we have a really unusual belt. The very long welded buckle has two internal bars but no pin. The belt proper is made from a thick skin colored core that is covered on the front with a thin and shiny black layer of vinyl folded over the core edges and welded to its inside. The belt is stitched to the buckle in a way suggests that it was shortened from a original fastening with eyelet rivets or possibly a weld.

Simple White Belt

New Neat wide white belt made from thick extruded PVC that has been given a slightly embossed surface pattern and perforations that accept two pins. The large welded buckle is covered in embossed vinyl.

Black Stitched Belt

New Stitched black belt with a welded half buckle and belt loop. This belt is slightly curved for a nice fit on the female form.

Welded Green Belt

New Narrow green welded belt with a square welded buckle. The PVC has an interesting embossed texture.

Weird Buckle Belt

New Thin black welded belt with an unusual romboid welded buckle. This was supposed to be used at the angle suggested in the image. The skin colored inside has a slight texture.

Wavy Welded Belt

New White welded belt with a wavy contour. The white outside has a distinct embossed pattern while the smoother inside is skin colored. The welded rectangular buckle is nicely rounded.

Wide Green Belt

New A classical very wide welded belt with the usual welded buckle featuring two covered pins and a velvet inside. It is in mint condition after more than fifty years of storage. By the perfect looks of the buckle and the holes it has never been used.

Do you have a story to tell about these magnificent belts? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please send photos of your belts if you have any. Any additions to my collection are welcome too, of course. My email address is in the top right corner of this page.

All Your Belts Are Belong to Us.