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Updated 18-03-07


Vintage Vinyl Belts

The 1950s were the golden age of the vinyl or PVC belt. The plastic and the technique were ready after the war and the fashion starved public eager to adopt an exciting new material. New stylish designs and low prices made these lovely belts popular in the fifties. However, time would show that the once trendy belts were less durable than the traditional leather belt. Later, the newer PU material would prove stronger and allow for a more natural leather substitute. Even so, the original PVC belt will always remain attractive in a unique way that it shares with the traditional PVC raincoat. This listing tries to help us understand the peculiar charm of the plastic belt. There are quite a number of images below that represent different variations of a few basic styles.
New year, new belts. Shortly, there will be several very interesting belts listed here. Meanwhile, I have moved the not so new ones to their respective sections.
A new section with various belt scenes was added in 2017 in an attempt to show these great belts in their original context.

New Belts

New belts of all types recently added to the site.

Shiny Red Belt

New Slim shiny red belt with a nicely rounded welded buckle. This type of belt was probably quite common in its time.

Simple Blue Belt

New Neat blue belt in thick textile backed PVC with a discreet surface pattern. The stitch is mostly decorative. It has a welded buckle without pin and a belt loop.

Simple Brown Belt

New A brown belt made from thin shiny PVC stitched to a thicker sheet with a leather pattern. The round buckle without pin is welded, of course.

Fiorucci Tiger Belt

New Unique vintage Fiorucci PVC belt. The main part is thick and stiff vinyl decorated with green tiger prints. The welded on end parts are two layers of thinner vinyl with a green print on one of the insides. The buckle is solid plastic. This belt was bought back in the seventies.

Charm Belt

New A fine belt in mint condition from the brand Stelzer. It is decorated with four metal charms. The PVC is rather stiff but handsomely welded along the edges and around the holes. The buckle was meant to be worn on the back as the front part widens.

Brown Welded Belt

New Mint wide welded brown belt with a two-pin golden metal buckle. The inner layer has a velvet surface.

Shiny Gray Belt

New Thin shiny gray belt with a narrow welded buckle that has an unusual shape.

Shiny Red Belt

New Slim shiny stitched red belt with a fat welded buckle that has a pretty rounded shape.

Metal Buckle Black Belt

New Medium width shiny stitched black belt with a golden metal buckle and a belt loop with stitchmarks.

Shiny Black Belt

New Tiny stitched black belt with a squarish welded buckle.

Oval Buckle Black Belt

New Medium shiny black belt with an oval welded buckle that is too narrow for the stitched PVC strap that is textile backed.

Shiny Brown Belt

New Thin shiny brown belt with a stitched PVC strap that must be folded to fit inside the small rectangular welded buckle.

Shiny Red Belt

New Handsome shiny red belt with an oval welded buckle that is smaller than the stitched strap.

Shiny Gray Belt

New Skinny gray belt with an neat rectangular welded buckle that is too narrow for the stitched strap.

Simple Black Belt

New Thin black belt in textile backed PVC that is folded over and glued together. It has a skinny welded buckle without pin.

Green Welded Belt

New Thin welded green belt with a welded buckle that has a highly irregular shape.

Dotty White Belt

New A white welded belt with black dotted pattern. The rectangular buckle is welded too and comes with a small belt loop.

Simple Black Belt

New Very small black belt that consists of two very thin layers of PVC bonded together. The thin top layer is shiny black and the somewhat thicker inside layer has a skin color. This belt has a tiny welded half buckle with a pin.

White Patent Belt

New White patent leather belt with a thinner textilebacked PVC layer stitched to a thicker PU layer. It features a nice round buckle that is welded.

Wide Red Belt

New Very wide red belt with an oval undersized welded buckle. In mint condition with the belt loop in place.

Wide Red Belt

New Another wide red belt with an undersized welded buckle, here in a rectangular format.

Fiorucci Striped Belt

New A wonderful welded Fiorucci belt. The outer shiny white layer is painted with pink stripes while the inner black layer has a slight texture. The buckle is solid plastic.

Simple Black Belt

New This medium width black belt has a thin shiny layer of black of PVC stitched to a slightly thicker skin colored textile reinforced sheet with a smooth inside. It features a neat rectangular welded buckle with a single pin.

Wide Red Belt

New Single layer wide red belt with folded and stitched edges. It has a thin round self covered buckle.

Red Patent Belt

New Red patent leather belt with a handsome self covered buckle.

Laminated White Belt

New A neat wide white belt with a welded single pin buckle. The thick shiny top layer of PVC is textile backed and stitched to a thinner sheet with a textured inside.

Simple Black Belt

New Smallish black belt with a welded buckle that has a covered pin. The belt strap consists of two similar layers of soft PVC stitched together. The previous owner has shortend the belt with a bit of crude cutting and riveting.

Simple Red Belt

New Neat medium width red belt with a gold pinned welded half buckle and two belt loops. A red PVC layer with a slight texture is stitched to a skin colored textile backed inner layer. A previous owner has shortend the belt and added some holes to it.

Welded Red Belt

New A beautiful red welded belt with an almost square welded buckle. It still has a belt loop but has been shortened by an earlier owner. The textured inside is skin colored.

Thin Black Belt

New Very thin black belt with folded and stitched edges. The long rectangular buckle is welded of course.

Thin White Belt

New Thin white belt with the embossed PVC folded double and stitched at the edges. The welded buckle has an unusual shape. The belt may have been somewhat crudely shortened.

Welded Window Belt

New A unique welded belt building kit. The belt proper is assembled from up to ten pieces that connect with press studs. Each part features a transparent PVC window covering a pocket where it is possible to place for example a small photo or perhaps one of the thin cardboard inserts with funny texts that comes with the package.

Welded Window Belt

New This image shows all the components of the belt kit. The golden metal buckle use two special PVC parts that also attaches with press studs.

Do you have a story to tell about these magnificent belts? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please send photos of your belts if you have any. Any additions to my collection are welcome too, of course. My email address is in the top right corner of this page.

All Your Belts Are Belong to Us.