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Updated 17-11-16


Belt Scenes

This section attempts to show these magnificent belts in their correct context, around the waist of a woman in a typical mid century setting. The images below are web finds, movie stills, newspaper clippings or similar. All new contributions are warmly welcome, of course.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot

New A young Brigitte Bardot in the typical PVC belt of the 1950s. In the second picture she is 18 in 1952 and probably wearing the same belt.

Mrs Marlow

Mrs. Marlow playing the piano in the The Singing Detective that is partially set in the 1950s rural GB. We do not see much of it here but the plastic shine of her red belt is very typical and not to be seen today.


An employee at the local stockings factory wearing a PVC belt in the 1950s (image credit: SDS).

Dr No Belt

Movie still from 1962 Dr No. Not the best of pictures but it certainly looks as if the woman is wearing a wide light brown PVC belt.

Butterick Belt

Mid century dress pattern featuring a wide red belt of the type that we love.

Miss Marple Black Belt

TV still from a Miss Marple episode were another female character wears a beautiful wide black belt.

Red Belt

The following images comes from the excellent Swedish 1985 film My life as a dog by Lasse Hallström. The costume department made use of many PVC belts in the 1950s setting of this movie. Here one of the main characters is wearing a wide red shiny belt.

Black Belt

Here she is again in the atelier of the artist wearing a wide black belt. It looks as if this is two long with the end tucked under the buckle.

Pink Belt

Here she is in the glass foundry wearing a wide pink welded belt with a two pin half buckle.

Black Belt

This young girl wears what looks like a stitched black belt over her skirt.

White Belt

Another movie still, this one from one of the German Heimat series. The woman in the blue dress wears a white stitched belt that is much too long as she has tucked the end under the belt (not visible here).

White Belt

A still from the 1992 Maigret series with Michael Gabon. The pretty woman wears a too short white belt that looks like pleather or PVC.

White Belt

A similar white PVC belt on a dress for sale at Etsy.

Red Belt

Another mint Etsy belt in extra wide red PVC belt with a white buckle.

Red Belt

Magnificent shiny red PVC belt on a zebra striped dress.

Black Belt

A somewhat similar black PVC belt in a Vogue pattern image.

Black Belt

Another similar black belt over a vintage star covered rain coat.

Black Belt

Older still is this black belt that may be PVC stitched to a leather backing. It features grommets and a metal buckle.

Vintage Belt

This vintage belt looks like laminated PVC. The buckle may be molded plastic.

Red Belt

Mint welded red PVC belt from 1950s Germany.

Red Belt

Very wide red welded belt with a weird buckle in my own collection.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.