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Updated 21-09-06


Single Layer and Laminated Belts

Some belts were made with just a single layer of PVC but just as often this was reinforced with a backing layer by gluing or stitching it to the surface sheet. Ideally, both sheets were welded together but those examples have to wait for another section!

Double Stitched Belt

New Smooth black PVC double stitched to a thicker brownish backing layer. The small buckle i covered in black welded plastic.

Red Simple Belt

New Neat belt with a thin red PVC surface bonded and stitched to a thicker PVC backing with a soft leather like surface. The handsome small buckle with a single pin is welded.

Wide White Belt

New Wide white belt with an embossed outer PVC layer that is stitched to a thin layer of leather. The large welded buckle is covered in the same embossed PVC.

Leather Backed Belt

Neat belt in beige PVC double stitched to a leather backing. The small buckle with a covered pin is welded.

Two Layer Blue Belt

Medium sized blue belt with an outer embossed PVC layer stitched to a skin colored backing. The neatly shaped buckle is self covered. It does not look as if this nice belt has ever been worn.

One Layer Brown Belt

Extremely simple skinny belts made from one layer thick brown PVC. They feature a small metal buckle.

Embossed Wide White Belt

Very wide white belt with an embossed outer PVC layer that is stitched to a much thinner smooth layer. Between these is a thick parchment like layer that makes the belt rather stiff. The large welded buckle is covered in the same embossed PVC that has the pattern of a coarsely wowen textile.

New belts of all types recently added to the site.

Simple Black Belt

Medium width black belt with a thick and shiny outer PVC layer that is stitched to a much thinner textile backed layer. The almost square welded buckle has nicely rounded corners.

Simple White Belt

Neat wide white belt made from thick extruded PVC that has been given a slightly embossed surface pattern and perforations that accept two pins. The large welded buckle is covered in embossed vinyl.

Simple Red Belt

Neat medium width red belt with a gold pinned welded half buckle and two belt loops. A red PVC layer with a slight texture is stitched to a skin colored textile backed inner layer. A previous owner has shortend the belt and added some holes to it.

Simple Black Belt

Smallish black belt with a welded buckle that has a covered pin. The belt strap consists of two similar layers of soft PVC stitched together. The previous owner has shortend the belt with a bit of crude cutting and riveting.

Laminated White Belt

A neat wide white belt with a welded single pin buckle. The thick shiny top layer of PVC is textile backed and stitched to a thinner sheet with a textured inside.

Simple Black Belt

This medium width black belt has a thin shiny layer of black of PVC stitched to a slightly thicker skin colored textile reinforced sheet with a smooth inside. It features a neat rectangular welded buckle with a single pin.

Simple Black Belt

Very small black belt that consists of two very thin layers of PVC bonded together. The thin top layer is shiny black and the somewhat thicker inside layer has a skin color. This belt has a tiny welded half buckle with a pin.

Simple Brown Belt

A brown belt made from thin shiny PVC stitched to a thicker sheet with a leather pattern. The round buckle without pin is welded, of course.

Simple Blue Belt

Neat blue belt in thick textile backed PVC with a discreet surface pattern. The stitch is mostly decorative. It has a welded buckle without pin and a belt loop.

Black Leather Backed Belt

Thin black belt backed by leather stitched to the shiny PVC front. It ha a self covered buckle with a single golden pin.

Thin Black Patent Belt

A skinny patent leather belt with a welded half buckle. The surface is a thin soft PVC sheet stitched to a thicker PU backside. This may have appeared in the seventies.

Thin Green Leather Backed Belt

Pretty green belt where the decorated front PVC is backed by leather. The welded buckle is somwhat oval in shape.

Wide Blue Pleather Belt

A wide wide dark blue belt with thin PVC backed by stitched pleather. It has a round welded buckle with no pin.

Stitched Black Belt

A wide black belt backed by an PVC sheet with an intricate embossing pattern. It has the classic welded buckle and nice pointed end. No wardrobe should be without a similar shiny accessory.

White Stitched Red Belt

Red belt with white bands stitched on. A thin red plastic sheet is stitched on top of an inner skin colored and textile backed PVC layer. It has a large welded half buckle in red plastic.

Red Stitched Blue Edge Belt

Sturdy red belt where the base consists of laminated red and skin colored PVC with a textile sheet in between. In addition, a blue PVC strip has been stitched to its edges. The square welded buckle is also blue.

Wide Red Leather Backed Belt

This wide red belt is backed by leather stitched to the shiny PVC front. The two pin buckle is self covered with thin red plastic.

Black Leather Backed Belt

Medium width black belt with patterned PVC backed by stitched leather. It has a half buckle with welded plastic.

Red Leather Backed Belt

Medium sized shiny red PVC belt with a leather backing. The cute little welded buckle features a covered pin.

Black Red Inside Belt

Shiny black PVC double stitched to a red lining. It has a nice little welded buckle with a single silver pin.

Gold Leather Backed Belt

Unique golden PVC belt with a leather backing. It has a half buckle with welded plastic and two belt loops.

Red Patent Belt

Thin red patent belt with two layers double stiched together. The slightly textured top layer is textile backed. It has a small welded almost square half buckle.

Shiny Brown Two Layer Belt

Another simple belt with a shiny brown PVC layer stitched to a thicker pleather backing. It has a small almost square welded buckle.

Green Leather Backed Belt

Handsome green belt with a leather backing held in place with a decorative double stitch. The full welded buckle has a nicely rounded shape. This belt has probably not seen much use so the pin still has its cover in place.

Black Laminated Belt

This neat medium wide belt has a shiny plastic surface and a velvet inside held together with a stitch along the edge. The welded buckle is nicely rounded.

Shiny Brown Leather Backed Belt

A brown belt where the shiny PVC surface is glued to a thin leather backing. It has a welded oblong buckle.

Black Laminated Belt

Medium wide black belt with a nicely embossed surface and a velvet back. The square buckle is pleasantly rounded.

Wide Black Leather Backed Belt

This wide black belt is backed with thin leather stitched to the front PVC.

Blue Leather backed Belt

Another fine leather backed belt with a smooth blue vinyl surface. The welded buckle is small with one half only. To compensate, there are two thin belt loops, one fixed and one than can slide along the belt.

Stitched Beige Back Belt

Another type of stitched belt with a second layer of smooth beige PVC sandwiched to its inside. The buckle is the usual welded type while the end of the belt has an unusual asymmetric shape.

Double Stitch Leather Back

Stitching can also be decorative as in this beige belt with a smoothPVC doubly stitched over thin leather. The buckle is the usual welded type.

Brown Leather Backed Belt

A leather backed belt with a brown PVC surface and a welded squarish buckle with a golden pin.

Single Layer Black Belt

This belt is a very simple one, just one layer of PVC. The typical buckle has two layers of PVC welded around a stamped metal shape. This looks great but prolonged and heavy wear will cause the plastic cover to break around the edges. The belt is also prone to breaking around the pin holes, even if reinforced by tape on the back. Nevertheless, it features the shiny black wideness that we all love, and the thin and soft material easily adapts to the waist of its proud wearer.
I may have bought this new in a department store in the seventies, so it could be the last example of the genuine PVC belt that was sold here.

Laminated Black Belt

The shiny black PVC is here laminated to a thicker foil with a velvet inside. A more durable design but not so supple as the previous example.

Laminated Black Belt

Another laminated belt, slightly thinner but rather stiff. This belt is wider in the middle than around the buckle.

Laminated Brown Belt

A thin brown laminated belt that features a nice rounded buckle with a gold colored pin and oval holes.

Laminated Blue Belt

In this belt the two layers has been stitched together around the edges. The PVC has a slightly textured surface.

Brown Laminated Belt

This brown laminated belt has a fake stitch around its edges, probably made by running a sewing machine needle without the thread along the edge. The large welded buckle has an uncommon shape and is held to the belt with two clips rather than the usual grommets.

Stitched Beige Belt

Another two-layer belt with a stitched edge. Off-white or light beige in color, it has a square buckle with a covered pin. The open end tapers slightly towards a blunt finish.

Gray Stitched Textile

This class of belt is backed with a textile-reinforced PVC that is stitched to the top layer. This gray sample from France has a contoured edge and a PVC-clad buckle.

Black Stitched Belt

A somewhat similar black belt that is a bit of a mystery pinwise. The part holding the buckle actually have two holes that might have had pins in them and the belt have six pin holes but these are quite far away from their usual place. My guess is that it originally had no pins but that someone added them later only to remove the probably crude contraptions again.

Red PVC Leather

This neat French belt features a leather backing glued to the PVC for added strength.

Black Leather Backed PVC Belt

Another leather backed PVC belt, stitched instead of glued. In medium width black it would have looked great on a slim waist. The buckle only have one large side and a long pin. Despite the leather backing, the plastic is broken in one of the holes.

Beige Leather Backed Belt

A beautiful beige belt with the slightly textured plastic attached to a leather backing with a decorative stitch. The large single buckle is clad in welded pvc, of course.

Red Leather Backed Belt

Another handsome leather backed belt with a decorative stitch. The PVC clad double buckle features two wide pins that go into unsual elongated holes.

Beige Leather Backed Belt

Yet another smooth leather backed beige belt with the typical PVC covered double buckle that makes it very similar to some of the stitched belts in the next section.

Only great minds can afford a simple style.