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Updated 21-09-06


Welded Belts

The belts listed in this section were made from two layers of PVC welded together along the edges. The weld may be straight along the edge, or often embellished to look like stitching. The top layer is typically thicker than the lining one that sometimes has a velvet surface, perhaps to look and feel more like leather. Some belts may have a thinner top layer, though, such as the wide shiny red one shown further down.
Most has the typical PVC covered metal buckle that could take many forms. The pins are sometimes covered with PVC which may reduce the stress on the edges of the holes. After some use, the cover often breaks or slides off the pin, however, this is visible in some of the pictures.

Short Red Belt

New The typical PVC belt with a textured red surface sheet welded to a skin colored inner layer. Especially the inside is somewhat wavy, perhaps due to ageing of the plastic. A previous owner has cut the belt rather short, perhaps to fit a child. The handsome welded buckle has an unusual romboid shape.

Wide Black Belt

New Very wide black belt with a super smooth surface welded to a slightly textured skin colored layer. The handsome buckle is welded too, of course.

The Red Belt

New Thin red welded belt with with a nice shiny surface and the usual skin colored slightly embossed inside. The buckle has an unusual and attractive almost round shape.

Thin White Belt

New Thin white belt with with a nice shiny surface in thin PVC and a deep weld around the edge. The nicely rounded buckle is almost rectangular.

Wide Green Belt

A classical very wide welded belt with the usual welded buckle featuring two covered pins and a velvet inside. It is in mint condition after more than fifty years of storage. By the perfect looks of the buckle and the holes it has never been used.

Weird Buckle Belt

Thin black welded belt with an unusual romboid welded buckle. This was supposed to be used at the angle suggested in the image. The skin colored inside has a slight texture.

Welded Green Belt

Narrow green welded belt with a square welded buckle. The PVC has an interesting embossed texture.

Welded Brown Belt

Narrow brown welded belt in the classical design with an almost square welded buckle. The inside has a velvet surface.

Welded Red Belt

A beautiful red welded belt with an almost square welded buckle. It still has a belt loop but has been shortened by an earlier owner. The textured inside is skin colored.

Dotty White Belt

A white welded belt with black dotted pattern. The rectangular buckle is welded too and comes with a small belt loop.

Green Welded Belt

Thin welded green belt with a welded buckle that has a highly irregular shape.

Brown Welded Belt

Mint wide welded brown belt with a two-pin golden metal buckle. The inner layer has a velvet surface.

Green Welded Belt

Medium wide welded green belt with a single uncovered pin.

Thin Green Belt

Skinny welded green belt with a long rounded buckle.

White Welded Perforated

Mint white welded belt with decorative perforations and a velvet back. The rectangular buckle has two metal pins

Thin Green Belt

Very thin (1 cm) welded green belt with a skin colored back and a long rectangular buckle.

Red Welded Covered Pin

Classic welded red belt with an almost square end. The buckle features a pin with the cover sliding off.

Black Welded Round End

Two thin welded black belts with a rounded end. Their insides are skin colored and slightly embossed.

Red Welded Romboid Buckle

Beautiful embossed skinny welded red belt with a very unusual romboid buckle. This is actually worn at an inclined angle as suggested by the image. The holes are welded too and never used.

Blue Welded Pointed End

Medium wide welded blue belt with an pointed end.

Green Welded Round End

Pretty green welded belt with a rounded end and a velvet inside.

White Welded Tapered End

This white belt has two heavily textured sheets welded together. The end tapers off in an unusual way. The buckle is clad with the same checkered PVC sheet.

Black Welded Rounded End

Handsome medium wide welded black belt with a rounded end. The skin colored inside is slightly embossed.

Black Welded Tapered End

Medium wide welded black belt with an elongated rounded end.

Black Welded Cool Pattern

Medium wide welded black belt with an interesting surface pattern and the usual skin colored backing.

Wide Brown Textured Belt

A wide brown welded belt with a textured surface and the common skin colored backing. The welded double buckle features two gold colored pins. A bit wawy but otherwise in mint condition.

Wide White Snake Embossed Belt

A very wide white welded belt with a snake skin embossed surface. The inside is smooth with a skin color.

Blue Welded Belt

Bright blue welded belt in the classical design with welded buckle and two covered pins. A thinner blue surface sheet is laminated to a thicker velveted inside.

Red Welded Belt

A beautiful shiny red belt with a nicely pointed end and a round welded buckle. The inside is smooth in skin color. A previous owner has removed the single pin.

Red Welded Belt

Red belt in the classical design with welded buckle and two covered pins. It has a slightly velveted inside. In mint condition after half a century with the belt loop still in place!

White Welded Belt

Skinny white belt made from a single strip of PVC that has a thin weld along the edges. It features a slightly elongated welded buckle and somewhat frayed grommets in the holes.

Red Welded Belt

Skinny shiny red belt with a nice round end and a pretty welded buckle. The textured inside is skin colored.

Brown Velvet Welded Belt

Thin brown welded belt with a velvet surface. This includes the unusual half buckle with a rounded end.

Very Wide Red Belt

Wonderful red welded belt that is four inches wide. The welded buckle has an unusual form and a covered pin despite being smaller that the belt. You can see how it looked in the shop where I bought it here!

Thin Black Half Buckle Belt

Another thin but shiny welded belt with a pointed half buckle. It looks as if a previous owner has cut a piece of the belt and made a very wide belt loop from it.

Shiny Black Medium Sized Belt

Medium sized shiny welded belt with a rounded but squarish buckle. The inside has the common beige skin color.

Thin Dark Green Belt

A thin dark green welded belt with a decorative extra weld in the center. The welded buckle has an attractive but unusual shape.

Thin White Textured Rectangular Buckle

Handsome thin white welded belt with a textured surface made to look like a wowen textile. The welded buckle is rectangular.

Thin Shiny Black Half Buckle

Another thin welded belt with a shiny black surface and a decorative stitch weld. It has a squarish half buckle and a nicely rounded end.

Thin Blue Half Buckle

A somewhat simple blue welded belt with a slightly rounded half buckle. It is part of a Belgian batch with similar design.

Blue Welded Belt

Another Belgian belt with a square buckle that is slightly larger than the previous one.

Thin Black Welded Belt

This thin black belt has a velvet back welded to the front. The pin cover is partly broken.

Skinny Black Laminated Belt

A skinny black belt with a velvet back and two welded decorative lines in front. It has a long rectangular buckle.

Red Welded Belt

Pretty red belt with a decorative stitch weld along its edge. The back has the common velvet surface. In mint condition, it still features the belt loop.

Brown Embossed Welded Belt

Brown belt with a heavily embossed surface layer welded to the common skin colored inside layer. The full buckle is squarish.

Contoured Belt

This white belt demonstrates how easy it was to give the welded belt a contoured edge.

Thin White Belt

Classical thin white belt in slightly textured PVC with a skin colored inside. It has a but end and the welded buckle is rectangular. In mint condition.

Two thin Belts

Two thin beautiful mint welded belts in green and yellow. Both have a velvet inside, a rounded end with the same welded stripe as the rest of the belt and a nicely rounded buckle.

Welded Brown Belt

A beatutiful welded belt from the USA. It is slightly wider at the middle and might have been worn with this part in the front.

Gray Two Buckle Belt

A unique gray belt featuring extensive welded decoration and twin buckles in welded PVC. The front of the belt is much wider than the back.

Thin Red Belt

Pretty red belt with a neat welded edge and a welded square half buckle.

Thin Black Belt

A thin shiny black belt with a welded half buckle in the shape of an arrow head. Someone has added a few extra holes to the belt in a haphazard way.

Welded Red Belt

The fine sample features a round buckle on a shiny red belt with a rounded end.

Welded Slim Red Belt

The red belt is just three centimeters wide but is otherwise similar to the wider belts. The cut off end with rounded corners is unique, however. The smooth inside layer is light beige.

Welded Black Belt

A beautiful narrow black belt in shiny PVC with a light skin colored inside. It is in mint condition, four centimeters wide, and has all the fine details of the wider belts. In addition the eight holes are welded.

Welded Black Shaped End

A similar belt in shiny black PVC, also with a skin colored inside. It has a rectangular buckle and a nicely pointed end.

Welded White Shaped End

An almost similar white belt with a virtually square buckle.

Welded White Belt

Another beatutiful white belt with the nicely rounded buckle, welded holes and a skin colored lining.

Welded White Belt

A closeup of the same belt. The welding is not as good as on most of the other belt shown here. Some of the fake stitching pattern is missing from one side and the pin is displaced from the middle of the belt.

Welded Green Belt

This mint welded green belt features a not so common end that is cut at an angle.

Welded Orange Belt

A very thin orange belt with a half buckle here shown from the inside.

Red Welded Belt

This handsome thin belt has a textured red surface and a small squarish buckle.

Black Welded Belt

A beautiful skinny black belt with an unusual elongated buckle.

Welded Black Belt

Another narrow black belt with a magnificent shine. It has a textured black inside and an oblong heavy buckle.

Welded Black Belt

This black belt has the more common skin colored inside layer and the same rounded heavy buckle. The holes are very wide and the pin has a cover that is sliding off.

Welded Black Arrow End

A beautiful black belt with a square end and a buckle shaped somewhat like an arrow head.

Welded Blue Belt

Shiny thin blue belt with a rounded end and a half buckle. The edge has a nice threaded weld.

Brown Belt Round End

A beautiful brown belt with a nice shine, a two pin buckle, and a not that common rounded end.

Brown Belt Round End

Another view of this classic belt that would make any waist attractive.

Welded Black Belt

A rare wide black belt in mint condition. I guess the black ones were used the most and worn out instead of being stored away.

Welded Blue Belt

A fine dark blue belt showing little signs of use. This also has the almost straight end cut off at a slight angle.

Welded White Belt

This fine white specimen is quite similar to the blue one. The pins may have been covered, as they look rather thin compared to the larger holes.

Welded White Belt

A second view of this beautiful white belt showing more of its beige inside. This backing layer has become rather uneven, perhaps due to some aging of the chemicals. The belt is still very soft after half a century, however.

Welded Blue Belt

Another mint blue belt with the other typical end – rounded and cut off – not pointed. The gold colored pins are wider, and so are the holes.

Welded Red Belt

A red version of the same model showing the wide golden pins.

Welded Blue Belt

This shiny blue belt looks as if it comes from a different maker than the previous ones. It is one of very few that feature welded holes for the pins. This looks nice but it is doubtful if it made the belt more durable.

Welded Purple Belt

This not so wide purple belt features a covered pin – with the cover on its way off.

Welded Green Belt

A celery green belt with a velvet inside. The original price for a similar belt was 5.25 Swedish Kronor, less than $1.

Welded Beige Belt

A somewhat similar beige belt with a more rounded buckle and a rounded end.

Welded Brown Belt

This brown belt looks like a smaller version of the previous two and also features a velvet inside.

Welded Brown Belt

A wider brown belt with a single covered pin and the rounded end.

Welded Blue Belt

Another belt showing the covered pin with the cover on its way off. It is marked “4.50,” the original price in the fifties. This compares to about 55 cents or 40 pence.

Welded Red Belt

A shiny red belt with a white inside. It is not only great looking but still wonderfully smooth and supple.

Wide Black Belt

Heavy black pvc belt with a velvet inside and welded holes for a very wide pin. Like some of the other wider belts, it is slightly countoured to fit the female frame better. It has been shortened to work as a neck corset.

Welded Beige Belt

A medium width light beige belt with covered pins that are placed far apart.

Welded Beige Belt

A fine beige belt with covered pins – with one starting to go bad at the edge.

Welded Red Belt

This beautiful red belt shows has a smooth and almost glossy inside. This was often in a neutral off-white color, here it is red.

Brown Belt

A brown belt in mint condition with welded holes and a buckle with an unusual shape.

Embossed Back Black Belt

This shiny black belt has a similar shaped buckle. The inside has a textured surface.

Green Welded Belt

A fine green belt that illustrates another common fate of these wonderful belts, frequent use has broken the weld on the buckle cover. The holes also show signs of heavy use, although they have not yet teared.

Welded White Belt

This narrow belt in textured white PVC has a romboid buckle with covered pin.

Welded White Belt

Another narrow welded white belt with an unusually drawn out and pointed end. The holes in the textured PVC are welded too.

Beige Welded Belt

I love this long beige belt that has actually seen service in a pair of cool trousers of my own making. It is still soft and pliable after half a century with a smooth surface and a velvet back.

Welded Black Belt

A thin black pvc belt with a square half buckle. The welded edge can easily be given an attractive pattern.

Thin Red Belt

Shiny thin red belt with a sef-covered buckle rather than the usual welded one. The holes are welded as is the fine fake stitch around the edge including the neatly pointed end.

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