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Updated 21-09-06


Novel Belts

More examples illustrating some of the very different designs made possible by the flexible PVC material. Not only could the buckle be given a unique form, the belt itself could easily be shaped by bending the welding tools. The electrode edge could imprint a seam not only along the edges, but also to decorate the surface of the belt.
However, as is obvious from the many examples shown, the PVC surface was usually given a texture already during the making of the foil as the heated plastic was pressed between rollers that easily could be given a suitable surface pattern. This process is called calendering.
Several of the belts listed below also have buckles in molded plastic, metal or other non-plastic materials.

Fiorucci Belt

New Fine unique Fiorucci belt in clear extruded PVC (upside down, sorry). It has a metal half buckle.

Cartoon Belt

New Funny cartoon belt in welded PVC. It has a simple metal half buckle.

Wavy Welded Red Belt

New Beautiful red belt that clearly demonstrates how the welding process easily can give the belt both a nice stitched pattern and a wavy contour. The padding makes it rather stiff though. The buckle is self covered in red plastic.

Weird Fiorucci Belt

New Another unique belt from the great vintage Fiorucci stable. Two pieces of rather stiff embossed PVC is joined by an adjustable hinge and close with a red metal clasp.

Fiorucci Striped Belt

Another version of the striped Fiorucci belt. This features red and blue stripes with an inner black layer that has a slight texture. The buckle is solid red plastic.

Fiorucci Striped Belt

New A green version of the striped Fiorucci belt. White and green stripes alternate with the company logo near the end. The buckle is solid wihite plastic.

Plastic Belt

Cool belt in blue extruded PVC. The transparent rectangular half buckle is molded. The label says “Real Plastic” which is typical for an age when plastic was a novelty. We even had a shop called ‘Plasten’ in my hometown.

Wavy Welded Belt

White welded belt with a wavy contour. The white outside has a distinct embossed pattern while the smoother inside is skin colored. The welded rectangular buckle is nicely rounded.

Long Buckle Belt

Here we have a really unusual belt. The very long welded buckle has two internal bars but no pin. The belt proper is made from a thick skin colored core that is covered on the front with a thin and shiny black layer of vinyl folded over the core edges and welded to its inside. The belt is stitched to the buckle in a way suggests that it was shortened from an original fastening with eyelet rivets or possibly a weld.

Red Padded Belt

Yet another version of the double buckle padded and welded Fiorucci US belt. This one features a nice Christmas red color. The buckles are self covered.

Perforated Red Belt

Handsome perforated red belt in extruded PVC. The half buckle is welded plastic over metal.

Fiorucci Buckle Belt

Another view of the Fiorucci belt with three exchangeable buckles. The black inside has a slight texture.

Fiorucci Buckle Belt

Amazing welded Fiorucci belt with a replaceable buckle. The internal white PVC sheet has a slight textture and is decorated with colorful paint splashes. This is covered with a transparent sheet and has a black backsheet.

Fiorucci Heart Belt

A colorful welded Fiorucci belt with an unusual closure. The shiny blue outside is painted with white hearts while the buckle feature red ones. It is quite short so it could have been made for a child.

Welded Window Belt

This image shows all the components of the belt kit. The golden metal buckle use two special PVC parts that also attaches with press studs.

Welded Window Belt

A unique welded belt building kit. The belt proper is assembled from up to ten pieces that connect with press studs. Each part features a transparent PVC window covering a pocket where it is possible to place for example a small photo or perhaps one of the thin cardboard inserts with funny texts that comes with the package.

Fiorucci Striped Belt

A wonderful welded Fiorucci belt. The outer shiny white layer is painted with pink stripes while the inner black layer has a slight texture. The buckle is solid plastic.

Charm Belt

A fine belt in mint condition from the brand Stelzer. It is decorated with four metal charms. The PVC is rather stiff but handsomely welded along the edges and around the holes. The buckle was meant to be worn on the back as the front part widens.

Fiorucci Tiger Belt

Unique vintage Fiorucci PVC belt. The main part is thick and stiff vinyl decorated with green tiger prints. The welded on end parts are two layers of thinner vinyl with a green print on one of the insides. The buckle is solid plastic. This belt was bought by me back in the seventies.

Stitchwelded White Belt

Very unusual slim belt with two layers of perforated PVC with a stitch around the edge. This is in fact only decorative, however, the plastic sheets are actually welded together. The rectangular buckle is welded too.

Fiorucci Ring Belt

Unique Guiness cartoon belt. Large and stiff it is made from two layers of textilebacked vinyl stitched together at the edges. The thick outer layer has a smooth surface, while the inside has an embossed surface with a textile pattern. The vintage buckle is the signature welded vinyl over metal frame. The holes are lined with white eylets.

Hooked Round Buckle Belt

Wide stitched textile backed beige belt with a large sliding round buckle held by a hook in the end of the belt.

Fiorucci Label Belt

Unique welded Fiorucci belt with all the companys jeans labels between a clear cover and a white background. The white buckle is injection molded and the holes metal grommeted.

Twisted Belt

Very unusual baby pink welded belt that is actually two intertwined belts. These have two small self covered buckles and the holes are welded. This unique belt looks unused, perhaps because it is rather short, only 24 inches long.

Fiorucci Ring Belt

Magnificent welded Fiorucci belt with a cartoon theme. It features two large rings and a round metal buckle. The same belt was also available without the rings.

Black Grommet Belt

Black stitched belt with grommets all along the belt in three rows. The supple black PVC has an embossed snake skin pattern. The round buckle is gold metal.

Stich Welded Riveted Belt

Uniquely designed belt with three separate welded pieces held together with rivets. The red PVC features a fake stitch welding pattern. The roller buckle is punched metal and the holes are grommeted.

Stiched Stretch Belt

Here we have a stretch belt where the main part is black elastic terminated with two layers of shiny PVC stitched together. The large buckle is welded, of course.

Black Velvet Belt

This weird belt is difficult to illustrate. It is made from a very soft front of shiny black PVC and a velvet cloth back. The two are stitched together with their backs on the outside as a long bag and then turned outside in. The open end is closed with the golden clasp that is attached to the self covered PVC buckle.

Fiorucci Belt

Another rare heirloom from the Fiorucci empire. Magnificent welded belt with a link motif. The buckle is molded white plastic.

Three Part Welded Belt

Uniquely designed belt with three separate welded pieces held together with metal rings and rivets. The supple black PVC has an embossed snake skin pattern. The round buckle is chromed metal and the holes are grommeted.

Thin Two Buckle Welded Black Belt

Thin welded belt with two rounded half buckles. The wider part of the belt would probably be worn to the front.

Shiny Red Belt Metal Buckle

Magnificent shiny red belt with a polished metal buckle. This image also shows the textured inside layer of the welded design.

Shiny Red Belt Metal Buckle

Another view with a closup of the grommeted red belt with a metal buckle.

Reptile Embossed Metal Buckle Belt

A slightly different version of the grommeted red belt that features a black reptile embossed surface and a smooth inside.

Brown Snake Skin Belt

Another version of the snake skin surface, here in a brownish pattern. The back has a velvet brown surface.

Stitched Square Buckle Belt

A stitched black belt with a square self covered buckle without pin set at an unusual angle.

Green Double Buckle Belt

Back view prominently displaying the two self covered buckles of a very green belt with a prominent decorative welding simulating a stitch pattern. Some padding is obious between the two layers of plastic. There are other similar belts in the ‘Novel’ section.

Green Extruded Belt

The new techniques of the post war years included the extrusion of hot PVC through a nozzle, creating a thin strip of plastic that could be further refined by embossing with a suitable tool. This green belt has been decorated with something looking like a sticth along the edges. The buckle is probably welded although differently from the other belts shown here.

Extruded Red Belt

This red belt is also extruded PVC with the edges embossed with a fake stitch pattern. The half buckle is welded with a similar sticth pattern.

Patternd Two Buckle Belt

Another unique US belt with two buckles. This features a clear plastic sheet welded over a printed backing sheet of white PVC. The front is slightly wider that the back with the buckles.

Patternd Two Buckle Belt

The two self-covered buckles were ment to be worn on the back. The connecting strap has some decorative welding and reinforced holes.

Red & Black Belt

Fantastic welded black belt with a round sef-covered buckle. The padded belt features inlayed lips in red PVC while the buckle sports a red heart. Two rivets in the end of the belt is used to fasten this to the back of the buckle.

Red & Black Belt

This photo shows the back of the sef-covered buckle with two keyholes for the rivets at the end. The buckle also has a clamp that is used to adjust the length and fitting of the belt. The end of the belt shows the padding between the two layers of PVC.

Weird Black Belt

Handsomely shaped welded belt with a very weird buckle. More below!

Weird Black Belt

Closeup of the unique buckle with central golden knobs and the pointed belt ends with welded holes.

Weird Black Belt

Rear view of the unique buckle that shows how the golden knobs are attached to the center of the buckle.

Red Welded Belt

This beautiful red belt features an unusual cast metal buckle. A thin layer of shiny red PVC is welded to a slightly thicker skin colored plastic that has a textured surface.

Welded White Belt

A shiny white belt with rounded end, grommeted holes, and a round metal buckle.

Brown Welded Belt

Although this shiny brown belt looks as if it was stitched along the edges, it is in fact welded. The brown surface plastic is folded over a thin skin colored lining and the complete sandwich is welded to look like stitched.

Shaped Beige Belt

Another handsome belt from the USA with lots of fake stitch welding and a very special shape. This belt definitely should be worn with the twin buckles in the back.

Shaped Beige Belt

A view of the back with two self-covered buckles and a separate strap for holding the belt together. A very detailed welding tool was probably used to create all the stitching in one operation.

Black Metal Buckle

This very wide welded black belt also has a large metal buckle.

Red & White Fletched Belt

Although much different from the other belts listed, this fine sample use welded PVC parts that are braided together in an attractive way. The same technique is still used but usually with leather (or faux leather). The metal eyelets have been added later with some extra holes.

Braided Belt

Another take on the braided belt, probably from the sixties. Although based on the same idea, it looks very different. The buckle is held in place with a press stud, making it easy to reduce the length of the belt by removing some loops.

Welded Black Belt

The last example has a velvet inside, large grommets, and the pointed end that I think looks best on most any belt. This could be unpractical though, catching onto the arm, for example. That may be the reason behind the blunt tip of the belts shown above.

The difference between style and fashion is quality.