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Updated 21-09-06


Other Belts

A bunch of cool belts that have much of the original plastic look but may be stragglers from the seventies or so with a bit of new material thrown in.

Brown Welded Belt

New Unique welded belt with a large romboid metal buckle. It is rather stiff, perhaps due to ageing of the plastic. The surface has a nice striped pattern that looks like it was painted on the PVC.

White Spotted Belt

New A white version of the black spotted belt shown below. It has a molded plastic buckle.

Black Leather Belt

New A wide rather stiff belt with two layers of thin leather stitched at the edges. The belt from Otto Glanz still feature a welded PVC buckle though.

Red Patent Belt

Red patent leather belt with a handsome self covered buckle.

White Patent Belt

White patent leather belt with a thinner textilebacked PVC layer stitched to a thicker PU layer. It features a nice round buckle that is welded.

Thin Red Patent Belt

Skinny red patent leather belt with a decorative stitch. The long buckle is welded.

Wide Black Patent Belt

Classical black patent leather belt that should be in any wardrobe. As it is quite wide, it curves slightly for a good fit. Although probably from the seventies, it still features the vintage welded buckle.

Wide Blue Patent Belt

Blue patent leather belt with a glossy PVC surface stitched on. The straight middle part is not as wide as the end pieces connecting to the large gold metal buckle.

Brown Stitched Threee Lane with Stone

A brown stitched patent leather belt with an unusual shape. It features three lanes that cross in the middle with a stone. The buckle has the typical welded design.

Green Pleather Romboid Buckle

A typical belt from the seventies in thick stitched pleather but still using the original welded steel buckle design. Here with an unusual shape.

Blue Romboid Buckle

Another example of the fine romboid welded buckle. The rest of the belt probably became bad and had to be discarded. Yes, some synthetics can become messy with age.

Thick Red Belt

This shiny red belt has a thick possibly textile reinforced backing making it difficult to date, late sixties, seventies? The buckle is still the fine welded model.

Blue Patent Belt

This blue belt has the signature welded buckle but the rest is stitched patent leather PU. It was most likely made in the seventies.

Welded Dotted Belt

Although featuring a welded design, this belt is of more recent date than the classical ones. The single buckle is molded plastic and the belt is screen printed with white dots.

Turtle Buckle

A very wide double-stitched belt with a fake turtle shell plastic buckle. A full four inches wide, it is even larger than it looks here.

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