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Updated 19-11-16


Stitched Belts

The next group represents the perhaps most common form of PVC belt, usually with a single layer of thick shiny plastic that is folded and stiched along the sides. Some belts were made of two layers of plastic stitched together at the edge, however. The inner layer is often skin colored (or even made of leather, but those belts have their own group).

Red Stitched Belt

New Stitched red belt with an embossed surface made to look like leather. The thin buckle is made from lacquered metal sheeting. It has a darker red color that that shown in the image.

Red Stitched Belt

New Stitched red belt with an unusual oval selfcovered buckle. The holes are neatly grommeted.

Green Stitched Belt

New A slightly wider green stitched belt with a rectangular selfcovered buckle. The holes are neatly grommeted in green.

Black Stitched Belt

Stitched black belt with a welded half buckle and belt loop. This belt is slightly curved for a nice fit on the female form.

White Stitched Belt

Stitched white belt with a rectangular golden metal buckle without pin.

Blue White Red Belt

Beautiful stitched belt in the American colors. The unusual octagonal buckle is welded of course.

Thin White Belt

Thin white belt with the embossed PVC folded double and stitched at the edges. The welded buckle has an unusual shape. The belt may have been somewhat crudely shortened.

Thin Black Belt

Very thin black belt with folded and stitched edges. The long rectangular buckle is welded of course.

Wide Red Belt

Single layer wide red belt with folded and stitched edges. It has a thin round self covered buckle.

Wide Red Belt

Another wide red belt with an undersized welded buckle, here in a rectangular format.

Wide Red Belt

Very wide red belt with an oval undersized welded buckle. In mint condition with the belt loop in place.

Shiny Gray Belt

Skinny gray belt with an neat rectangular welded buckle that is too narrow for the stitched strap.

Shiny Red Belt

Handsome shiny red belt with an oval welded buckle that is smaller than the stitched strap.

Shiny Brown Belt

Thin shiny brown belt with a stitched PVC strap that must be folded to fit inside the small rectangular welded buckle.

Oval Buckle Black Belt

Medium shiny black belt with an oval welded buckle that is too narrow for the stitched PVC strap that is textile backed.

Shiny Black Belt

Tiny stitched black belt with a squarish welded buckle.

Metal Buckle Black Belt

Medium width shiny stitched black belt with a golden metal buckle and a belt loop with stitchmarks.

Shiny Red Belt

Slim shiny stitched red belt with a fat welded buckle that has a pretty rounded shape.

Shiny Gray Belt

Thin shiny gray belt with a narrow welded buckle that has an unusual shape.

Shiny Red Belt

Slim shiny red belt with a nicely rounded welded buckle. This type of belt was probably quite common in its time.

Stitched Black Belt

Somewhat stiff stitched shiny black belt. It has a rather large rectangular welded buckle.

Soft Purple Belt

Medium width soft stitched purple belt with a textile base. The end has a decorative welded stitch pattern (not visible). The round buckle is welded, of course.

Stiff Black Belt

Rather stiff black belt with a thick PVC sheet stitched around a back that looks like parchment. The welded buckle has no pin.

Black Stitched Belt

Wide black stitched belt with a rounded welded half buckle and two belt loops.

Soft Purple Belt

Very wide soft stitched violet belt with a somewhat undersized oval welded buckle.

Soft Black Belt

Very soft stitched black belt with an embossed surface and a shiny smooth inside. It has a small welded buckle.

Soft Blue Belt

Another soft stitched blue belt with an almost smooth surface. It features a unique quadrupel edge stitch. It looks as if the belt has been shortened by a previous owner. The large buckle is welded.

Soft Blue Belt

Very soft stitched blue belt with a slightly embossed surface. The buckle is welded, of course.

Blue Belt Weird Buckle

A soft stitched blue belt. The welded buckle has an irregular and unusual shape.

Soft Gray Belt

A soft stitched gray belt. The welded buckle is slightly smaller than required by the belt width.

Black Long Buckle Belt

Unique thin stitched belt with a rectangular welded buckle that has three parts but no pin.

Black Patched Belt

This black stitched belt has a thin backing and is decorated with several sewn on white PVC patches. It has a squarish welded buckle.

Black Stitched Belt

A black stitched belt in textile backed PVC. The welded buckle is round and somewhat smaller than the belt.

Gray Stitched Belt

Another stitched belt in light gray embossed soft PVC. The welded buckle has a very irregular shape and is narrower than the belt proper.

Bluish Stitched Belt

This stitched belt has a smooth surface in bluish gray. The slightly stiff material must be folded inside the undersized welded buckle.

Stitched Black Belt

A thin stitched black belt with a metal buckle and grommeted holes.

White Brass Buckle

This white stitched belt with a metal buckle but no pins or holes could only be worn loose.

Round Gold Buckle Belt

Shiny red belt with stitched edges. The round buckle without pin is gold metal.

Red Embroidered Plastic Belt

Magnificent red belt with a Swiss embroidery. This is stitched on top of a PVC belt that has its shiny red surface on the inside and the edges wrapped to the front and secured with stitching. The large handsome buckle is welded, of course. The same design where made in different colors, I have a green one too and found a blue specimen on the web.

Green Belt with Bow and Button

Highly unusual stitched green belt embellished with a bow and a button. It has a common rectangular welded buckle.

Black Stitched Square Buckle Belt

Here the black PVC cover is folded over a lighter backing layer and stitched edgewise. It has a nice square welded buckle.

White Stitched Belt Romboid Buckle

Still very supple, this stitched white belt features a slightly textured surface while the back is wonderfully smooth. The unusual welded narrow buckle has a romboid shape.

Red Stitched Round Buckle Belt

Narrow stitched red belt with a small self covered buckle.

Shiny Green Stitched Belt

This shiny green belt has a folded and stitched design. The welded buckle is nicely rounded.

Soft Red Stitched Belt

Soft red embossed belt with a stitched edge and a narrow welded romboid buckle.

Wide Red Stitched Belt

Red belt with a slightly embossed textilbacked PVC folded double and stitched along the edges. It has a nice welded buckle.

Stitched Brown Belt

This thin brown belt features an embossed surface made to look like leather. This includes the welded buckle.

Stitched Red Belt

Medium wide red belt with stitched edges and the typical welded buckle.

Stitched Textile Back Belt

A black version of the red belt below with shiny textile backed PVC folded and stitched along the edges. It also sports an undersized round welded buckle.

Stitched Layered Belt

This thin belt has shiny black PVC folded at the edges over a beige backing and then stitched together. The welded buckle is rectangular.

Stitched Red Belt

Wide red belt in textile backed PVC with folded and stitched edges. Unusually, it has a large round welded buckle.

Stitched Red Belt

Beautiful vintage red belt in leather backed PVC. The stitching is here also decorative. The holes are reinforced with grommets. It has a fine welded buckle.

Stitched Black & White Belt

Fabulous stitched black belt with geometric decorations sewn on. The very long rectangular buckle is covered in welded white PVC.

Folded Stitched Brown Belt

Wide belt in light brown textured PVC that is folded double over part of its length before stitching. At its widest, this magnificent belt is a full four inches wide. It has the classical welded buckle, here without a pin.

Stitched Black Belts

Four examples with slightly different widths and buckles. Although common enough in their days, they are not so easy to find now as they were likely to be worn out by their users or damaged when found by a younger generation.

Stitched Black

A fine not so wide example of the stiched belt with a neat looking squarish buckle.

Stitched Black Oval Buckle

Another thin belt with an unusual oval buckle.

Stitched Black Belt

A wide belt in dull black pvc with eyelet reinforced holes, a useful idea, even if I think the belt looks smoother without the eyelets. Only the front of the buckle is covered with PVC held in place by sheet metal on the rear - the self-covered buckle.

Black Stitched Belt

Another black belt with eyelet reinforced holes, and a similar type of self-covered buckle, although single-sided. The thick shiny PVC foil is backed by a synthetic fabric lining held in place by stitching on the folded edges.

Stitched White Belt

This soft white belt illustrates a common fate – extra holes have been punched to fit a smaller waist. The original five rows of oval holes have been extended by the same amount of not so regular round ones.

Stitched Red Belt

A slim red stitched belt with a rectangular buckle that features a covered pin. You can see how it looks on my model Anika here.

Stitched White Belt

This type of white stitched belt was probably quite common. The PVC is embossed with a texture that looks like a woven textile. Apart from the novelty, the plastic belt may have been cheaper that the textile version.

Dark Blue Stictched Belt

This shiny dark blue stitched belt features an unusual pointed end.

Stitched Red Belt

Another example of the self-covered buckle, here without a pin. A nice and probably common belt that would have been worn rather loose.

Stitched Black Belt

A shiny black version of the not uncommon wide belt with a narrow buckle without the pin. It looks as if these were popular, despite being rather cumbersome to don. It is not easy to pleat the rather stiff plastic through the buckle and make the finished product look nice. Belts using PVC coated canvas with this design may have been more practical.

Black Sliding Buckle

Another stitched black belt with the narrow but elaborately shaped buckle. The buckle does not give much hold on the belt so this was probably worn rather loose.

Black Sliding Buckle

But wait, this belt offer another unusual feature, the buckle comes loose completely and is normally gripped by the hook in the extreme end of the belt. An interesting but probably not entirely practical design.

Stitched Brown Belt

Another unusual example of the narrow buckle belt. This one has a pin in the strange metal buckle, and eyelets on a reinforcing strip of plastic.

Molded buckle textile belt

Medium wide black textile-backed PVC belt of a type that probably was quite common even in the seventies. This specimen features an injection molded buckle and was probably made later than ones with a clad buckle.

Red Oblong Buckle

A beautiful red PVC belt, still very supple, despite being fifty years old. The unusually shaped buckle has no pin.

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