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Pinky:st Series 1B

The very first trio of Pinky:st figures was released in the spring of 2003. A new batch with slightly different packaging soon followed. Such was the demand for the cute girls that a new series with repainted clothes, hair and eyes became available in the beginning of 2004. Two years and many a unique Pinky later, it was time for a second repaint series of both series 1 and 2.
Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae met the spring with a fresh and colorful wardrobe that added many exciting new possibilities to the Pinky fashion world. All the girls also featured dark hair. You can see some examples from the standard sets below, the rest is up to your own imagination!

Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae

The original trio of Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae in their new B series clothes.

The Girls

The three girls have their own personalities that are reflected in the blurbs printed on the back of the blister packs. Further analysis awaits a good translation of the Japanese texts.

Series 1 alternate clothing

Here the girls have changed into their alternative clothes.

The Extras

All of the girls come with an extra set of clothes, and a pet, either a bunny or a kitten. In addition, there is a new enameled pin badge.

1st series original badges

The new Pinky pin badges of series 1B.

Yoshiko and Tamae close

A closeup of Yoshiko and Tamae showing the decoration on their clothes.

Sue and Tamae close

Here Sue and Tamae demonstrates another pair of garments.


Yoshiko B Flowers

Delightful Yoshiko with some pretty pink flowers.

Sue B Flowers

Sue in the wild with lots of small flowers.

Tamae B Flowers

Tamae admiring some yellow flowers.

Pinky:st Series 2B

Concurrently with the series one re-repaint, VANCE also released B versions of the superadorable school girl duo of Moe and Kokoro, as well as the number six accessory pack.

Kokoro Moe school uniform

Kokoro and Moe in their school uniforms, standing in front of Kokoro’s school entrance.

Kokoro Moe cheer uniform

Here the girls compare their cheerleading outfits.

The Extras

As before, only Moe has a bowtie for her unform, Kokoro had to borrow one from another girl. She has a backpack, while Moe has got a briefcase.
The extras pack contain a brow cap, a pair of brown trousers, two shirts, extra hair with glasses, a handbag, and a shoulder bag.

Kokoro Moe cheer details

Close shots of the girl’s cheerleading outfits.


Green Moe

Pretty Moe in the green.

Kokoro Beach

After school, Kokoro went to the beach.

Chun Li Green

Cute Chun Li in the blue and brown outfit of PK006B.

Sakura Room

Sweet Sakura demonstrating the brown cap and the green shirt combo (she has borrowed Tamae’s pants and shoes).

Yoshiko Glasses

Youthful Yoshiko wearing her glasses.


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