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Pinky Packs

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Moe

Space Invaders Sue

Space Invaders Kokoro

Space Invaders Yoshiko

Space Invaders Pack

Space Invaders Pack

Pinky Space Invaders

The first Pinky collaboration to feature a new smaller blister package launched in January 2005 with four girls in costume featuring graphics from the first computer game ever – Space Invaders. The quartet was destined for TAITO toy crane machines but a fair number somehow found their way into the resale channels as well. Thus the back of the package has the note: Prize Only.

Spave Invaders Katakana

Although released in 1978, the Space Invaders game is still very much alive and available for up to date systems such as the Nintendo DS and also for mobile phones – keitai. For more information, please use the links in the links section.

Space Invaders Quartet

Yoshiko, Kokoro, Sue and Moe with their bags.

The Extras

The small package has room just for the Pinky in her regular clothes, two small accessories, and a badge. A white Space Invaders handbag and a blue cat for Yoshiko. For Sue, a violet handbag and a yellow cat, for Kokoro a blue backpack and a pink rabbit, and for Moe a white shoulder bag and a brown bear. At the top of each pack is a piece of string that should make it easier to catch with the crane claws.

Space Invaders Quartet

The four girls with their favorite pets.

Space Invaders Badges

The can badges that come with the Space Invaders Pinky quartet.

The Trivia

At some point, the final design for Kokoro was changed from that of the prototype, as illustrated below.

Space Invaders Prototypes

Kokoro were to have had a white hoodie and a different set of trousers and shoes.


Space Invader Moe

Moe hiding from aliens inside a ventilation duct.

Space Invader Sue

Sue posing before a color coordinated plank.

Space Invader Kokoro

Kokoro trying to hide under a small plant with blue flowers.

Space Invader Yoshiko

Yoshiko taking refuge on a narrow cliff shelf.

Sue and Kokoro

Sue and Kokoro have found some dandelions.

Moe and Yoshiko

Moe and Yoshiko having fun on the beach.

Hard Pinky Cafe

All Space Invader Pinky visiting Captain Animate at the Hard Pinky Cafe (click for larger image).



Both posters show the Kokoro prototype with different clothes.


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