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Pinky Packs

Pinky: Show Time! #001

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time! #002

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

Pinky: Show Time!

The Animate collaboration did not stop with the super sweet duo of shop assistants. It continued into new territory with a package containing not only a Pinky character complete with extras, but also a CD with Pinky dialog and song.
Thus was born the PINKY: SHOW TIME! #001 in August 2004, featuring sweet Yoshiko in high school attire; a uniform with satchel, and a set of red trainers. A limited set with green trainers was released exclusively at the Summer Wonder Festival.
The PINKY: SHOW TIME! #002 follow up became available at the 2005 Winter Wonder Festival in February, where lucky visitors could bag a set of decals that was slightly different from the general release. This time the goodies came in an enviable tin box with handle, whereas the original used a transparent plastic box. The second show girl was Moe dressed as an Animate shop steward.
The CDs contains much girly Pinky talk as well as some music performed by the band POARO. Since the language is far beyond my abilities, I will not go into the CD content in any detail.

Yoshikus's class room

Yoshiko in her class room standing by her school desk. Can you resist her?

Moe and box

Moe in her street clothes before the wonderful tin box decorated with Pinky art.

The Extras

A red bow tie for Yoshiko’s school uniform, the red (or green) trainers. For Moe, a cap and an apron, as well as a blue trainer top. The CDs, of course, and for #2 a sheet with Pinky decals.

Moe in kitchen

Moe dressed for work in the Animate staff kitchen.

Yoshiko & Moe

Both girls dressed in their trainers (although Moe had to borrow a pair of baggy pants).

Clothes details

The back of the trainer tops have this print that says “MOMOGAKU” which could mean Peach Academy. It is probably a school insignia.

Show Time #2 decals

The decals; Wonder Festival issue to the left, standard Animate to the right.


Show Time! #1 Green At the back of the Drama CD #2 are illustrations of the girls that take part in the show with their names attached. Captain Animate is here named Mitchy, a name that I have not seen used elsewhere!
Every serious Pinky collector needs the SHOW TIME! girls, even without the CDs that are of little use unless you are fluent in Japanese. Although there are many other versions of Yoshiko, this is the only one where she throws a sideways glance to the left. There is no dearth of very popular Moe either, but her yellow, white and red dress that you get here is uniquely pretty and useful.
Although they were sold for some time in the Animate stores, I believe both releases were rather limited. So today you will only see a few on eBay or Yahoo, and then mostly #1 that can be bought for about ¥1,500, which is cheap as the list price is ¥3,500. The very limited green issue of #1 is especially rare and costly, of course.
Will there be a SHOW TIME! #003? It is possible, judging from the success of the first two. Besides, a teaser entry is present at the end of the #2 booklet! Will Lisa be the next show girl? We will all have to wait for the 2006 Winter WF and see.

Show Time #3


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