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Pinky:st Series 5

While most of the early Pinky girls were original creations, the series five girls are both based on larger, more realistic looking, figures also modeled by BABYsue. When introduced, they were called the bad girls.
Although the dark haired girl was quickly named Maki, her fair haired friend for a long time was called the girl without a name, or simply PK013. Recently, however, the name Miiko has surfaced, indeed, that is what she is called in the KiraKira Music game.

Series 5 Causal

Miiko and Maki in their causal outfits.

The Girls

Miiko is the dark blond biker girl with blue eyes. Is she a yankii with bleached hair? I think not, she is a much too nice girl for that. More likely, she is a Scandinavian girl with a fling for fast vehicles.
Maki is the pretty party girl in a daring dress and high-heeled shoes. She is obviously waiting for you to take her out for dinner.

Series 5 Pretty

Here both girls have dressed up for a night out in their best outfits.

The Extras

Miiko is dressed in a yellow tee, a blue skirt with belt, black biker boots, she wear studded wristlets, and carries an orange box. She also have a beautiful white dress. Maki can supplement her black dress with a neat black evening bag and golden arm rings, but also comes have causal clothes in white and green, with brown boots to go. In addition, there are the enameled badges for you!

Series 5 Badges

The enameled badges were difficult to photograph.


Maki and pumpkins

Maki with Pinky pumkins that look like tomatoes...

Maki in red

Maki on some tracks dressed in ravishing red.

Maki with green

Seeking shelter from the cold autumn winds among the green plants.

Miiko with bike

Miiko is very proud of her blue bike.

Miiko with scooter

Miiko trying out a vintage Rabbit scooter.

Miiko in white

Miiko in her beautiful white dress.

The Repaints – Series 5A

Repainted versions of the bad girls were released in the spring of 2007 (March). They feature the same clothes and accessories, but in new colors and differently arranged (the girls swapped places in their boxes).

Bad girls repaint

The new pair in their colorful clothes. Both girls have colored their hair and wear contact lenses...

Miiko in the yellow

Green eyed Miiko in a field of yellow flowers.

Maki old shed

Maki now sports purple eyes. Here she is in her pretty pink dress outside the old shed.

S5A Badges

The repaint duo features the old style can badges.


Miikos left arm is a bit loose on the white dress body. If yours should fall off too, a drop of Super Glue should make it right again.
In some cases, Maki’s left leg is a bit short, making it difficult for her to stand in her highheeled shoes. I believe this can be fixed with the usual Pinky remedy – hot water. Dip the legs in newly boiled water, then place both feet on a hard and even surface and steady the legs in a suitable position until they have cooled. Repeat if not OK the first time. As with many other Pinky, it may be necessary to lean the body slightly forward to prevent it from falling backwards.


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