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Pinky Blisters


Captain Animate

Captain Back

Visor Decals


Ramika Version

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2P Tencho

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Pinky:cos Animate

Three cosplay Pinkys have now been released by hobby distributor Animate that operate a large chain of outlets all over Japan. Although they are high school girls, they work in the shop after school. Perhaps they reflect the popular Japanese anime culture where the characters typically “make-up” as someone else – in this case as an Animate shop manager – or Anime Tencho.
Yoshiko in the disguise as Captain Animate defends the peace of the Pinky Animate store. Her apron is decorated with flames, she has a small flame on her armband and carries a container with petrol or kerosene. She is a hot shop manager. Perhaps this has some connection to the Moe (see below) on the back of her shirt which may come from the word “moeru,” that means To Burn (or To Sprout). Her name can be Mitchy because that is written on the back of the SHOW TIME! #2 CD jewel case.
Hoshii Ramika, the second girl, has a new T-shirt with the logo “Boy’s Love.” Her hair has been made up for the Boy’s Love book fair. She likes to collect badges.
A third limited Animate Pinky was released on August 1, 2006. It looks as if the Pinky:cos Animated Cartoon Manager 2P is a real pain in the neck of Animate Tencho Anizawa!

Animate Girls

Captain Animate, Ramika (oops, wrong shoes:-), and the 2P Tencho in the shop.

The Girls

Sweet Mitchy is the ultimately pretty and popular high school girl.
Shy Ramika looks fragile and forlorn but is a great friend to those who get to know her. She has the adorable face of Kokoro, but her very own mint green hair, and her dark blue knickers are visible under the short skirt.
Silver haired 2P Tencho is perhaps not quite as innocent as she looks. Is something sinister hiding behing her inviting and cute smile?

Animate Tenchou

The part time Animate shop assistants in their work outfits.

2P Tencho

The new Animate 2P shop steward will torment torpid tencho.

Animate Logos

Interesting details of the girl’s clothes (see Tidbits below).

2P Tencho back2P Tencho Tamoe

The 2P Tencho has a fanny pack. Is this Tamae’s travesty on the Moe concept?

The Extras

Yoshiko comes with an apron, the Tenchou Visor, and what looks like a small kerosene or gas container. In the package is also two small decals (sidebar) for her visor with the word “Tencho” in both hiragana and kanji.
Ramika has an apron and a bag. Uniquely, her shirt has a small removable white collar!
The 2P Tencho also have her own apron, a black cap with visor, and a fanny pack.

Animate Girls

The original Animate duo in their regular clothes.


Captain Animate

Yoshiko, sorry, Mitchy, beautiful, bold and brave.


Oh lovely Ramika, our hearts bleed for you!

Animate 2P Tenchou

Well, yes, this is me, the new shop manager. I've got red eyes for good measure...

Yoshiko 2P Tomato

Yoshiko tending to her Pinky pumpkin...


Anime Tencho(u) is a store manager of Animate named Meito Anizawa. It is also a manga by Kazuhiko Shimamoto, and a one episode anime. View a low quality version of the on YouTube! Notice: Ani(zawa) Meito = Animate.
Moe, as depicted on Yoshiko’s shirt is labeled as an adjective. The explanation can be found in this Wiki entry. Very simply put, Moé, is an anime term used to describe an “ideal girl” (although a boy can be moe too). Another explanation would be that it is a way for boys to feel and express cuteness.
Animate is also responsible for the two PINKY: SHOW TIME issues where the girls talk and sing on a CD.
In addition, the Animate store offers a large line of Pinky goods such as bags, file folders, rulers, pens, sticky notes, and ID cards for the girls.


Captain Animate is one of those early Pinky products that has been copied. Bootleg Pinkys are often of inferior quality and doesn’t mix and match well with the regular product. The bootlegs lack the VANCE copyright note and are usually packed differently from the originals.


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