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Pinky:st Series 1

The very first trio of Pinky:st figures was released to a unsuspecting public in the spring of 2003. Today the Pinky tribe number more than fifty members that have found loving homes all around the globe and their target is nothing short of world domination!
The definite Pinky history has yet to be written, I think, but for a good overview, see the excellent introduction by Clockwork Orange!
To identify an unknown Pinky face, have a look at the mug shots in this page. To see all Pinky released and learn how they are dressed, visit the Pinky beginners page.
While they are marketed by the VANCE PROJECT which is a subsidary of Japanese Gunze Sangyo – GSI, virtually all Pinky are designed by Mr. Yuki Kanaya, and his assistant Saya, under the name BABYsue. The actual product is manufactured in China.

Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae

Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae started it all. Here they are dressed in their original clothes.

The Girls

Yoshiko is probably the best known of them all. Pretty, innocent, simply adorable, she is the favorite of many. But make no mistakes, Yo has her secrets, and is not as naive as she may appear.
Sue (Suu) may be a bit overshadowed by the other two, but she returns with a vengeance at the 2005 WF (more of that elsewhere). Sue likes curry rice more than her mother.
Tamae is perhaps the favorite of Mr. Kanaya... Is she a little sad, or just a serious, thoughtful person? Whatever, there is something of a cult around Tamae who is quite popular. Perhaps her name and the yellow hoodie may have something to do with that. The target of her sideways glance is a cat, a huge cat.

Series 1 alternate clothing

Here the girls have changed into their alternative clothes.

The Extras

All of the girls come with an extra set of clothes, and a pet, either a bunny or a kitten. In addition, their is a badge for their proud parents.

1st series original badges

The very first three Pinky tin can badges where replaced when new Pinky where produced.

Sireis 1 Badges

The second revised series of badges (click to read the text on Tamae’s badge).

Tamae and Yoshiko close

A closeup of Tamae and Yoshiko.

The Repaints – Series 1A

The success of the first two releases in 2003 paved the way for a quick repeat of the first series – with a difference. Thus was born the “repaint,” the same Pinky parts painted and assembled differently. The new series 1A was released in the beginning of 2004.

Yoshiko, Sue and Tamae

Yoshiko, Tamae, and Sue in new clothes, contact lenses, and swapped hair styles.

Series 1A alternate clothing

Even more great clothes for the girls and Tamae has her own nuigurumi kitten!

Series 1A badges

The repaint girls came with a different set of soft PVC badges.

Sue and Tamae close

A closeup of Sue and Tamae.


The 1A repaints quickly sold out and are now rarely seen new. Most of the series 1 originals became difficult to find towards the end of 2004, so in March 2005 they were reissued (with the exeption of Tamae) with slightly different badges. But these are also increasingly difficult to find. Two new repaint series 1&2B appeared in early 2006 when a new release of Tamae also became available.


The oldest woman to climb Mount Everest was Japanese Tamae Watanabe, age 63.


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