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Pinky Packs

Arc Pinky Box

Arc Pinky

Arc Pinky

Arc Pinky

Arc Pinky Book

Arc Pinky

Arc Pinky

Arc Pinky

The ruby-eyed Pinky version of the famous Tsukihime character is the latest media Pinky to come with a book in the box. She appeared in December 2004 after a web campaign by Ohzora Publishing Co.
According to the Wiki history, the visual novel game Tsukihime from 2000 was followed by an animated series and a manga. The plot of the Shingetsutan Tsukihime (Lunar Legend Tsukihime) anime from 2003 includes the vampire moon princess Arcueid Brunestud, or simply“Arc.”
Very knowledgeable but naive. Sometimes selfish, sometimes obedient. Mysterious but needy, Arc is an is an unpolished gem, to quote some fans of the anime. Those words could just as well be used about the Pinky Arc who certainly stands out among the cute Moés.
Perhaps not the most popular Pinky character, Arc needs your loving care more than most. And you need her! Arc is still the only Pinky that comes with bare feet and a pyjama jacket to that. A must buy for any serious Pinky fan.

Arc & Heart

Arc pausing on a surprising pavement find.

The Extras

A white pyjama jacket, bare foot legs, and a "Nyarcueid" (Cat Arcueid) mini figure. Arc was also the first to have her own [blue] base. A booklet.

Arc Pyjama

Arc getting ready for bed in her pyjama jacket.

The Book

Lots of loving pictures of Arc with comments in Japanese.
Trying out various outfits from the other Pinky issues.
Embellishing Arc with decals, markers and paint.
Customizing a catlike hairpiece for Arc.
Cute Pinky Arc comic. Pinky drawings of the other figures of the manga.
An illustrated history of the Pinky Arcueid.
Info on the manga and some illustrations from it.
Arcueid birthday picture – December 25th!
Short note on the next step – Project R.


Arc Plank Wall

Even a vampire is capable of casting a shadow.

Arc Playground

Another shadow throwing Arcueid in front of the popular playground.

Arc Traditional Room

A spot of hair coloring can make a world of difference.

Arc Modern Room

Another hairdo and a change of clothes looks better in the modern room.

Arc Cheerleading

A long haired Arcueid all kitted up for cheerleading.

Arc Aya

Arcueid cosplaying as the famous Tenjo Tenge character Natsume Aya.

Arc Red Duffle

Another red Arcueid that is stylish in her duffle and different hairdo.


A limited edition resin kit of the Pinky Tsukihime was sold at the 2004 Winter Wonder Festival.
Arc Project R It is possible that the Pinky Tsukihime did not become quite the success that it’s creators had hoped. Reportedly, she is still easy to find on the shelves many places (HLJ). One likely result of this is that the planned follow-up called Project R (for Repaint) has been shelved, at least for now. Although the repaint shown is rather drab in grays mostly, it has it’s followers. The blister no longer have the bare feet, but a school uniform with a yellow sweater. Long gone is also the Heartful Net web site.


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