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Updated 06-11-12


Pinky Packs

Acchi Kocchi Box

Acchi Kocchi Pinky

Acchi Kocchi Pinky

Acchi Kocchi Pinky

Acchi Kocchi Pinky Street

This super adorable green-eyed version of Pinky Kokoro from Hobby JAPAN MOOK comes with a book attached to the back of the box.
Achiko wears an embroidered Japanese jacket called a “Sukajan,” originally a souvenir from the US occupation army. These jackets, also called jumpers, have a satin finish and typically feature impressive renderings of dragons or eagles. Achiko’s jacket has small dragons on the front, roses on the arms, and a cat on the back.
Master Pinky illustrator Shuichi Ono designed the jacket, I believe, and also drew the pretty Pinky illustration that adorns the box.
Another great Pinky fan offers this guide (two pages) to painting a sukajan!

Achiko Kitchen

Achiko waiting outside the Pinky Street Kitchen.

The Extras

A red T-shirt, a pair of jeans, blue and white sneakers, a fanny pack, and the badge.

Achiko Kitchen

On another visit to the kitchen Achiko wears her alternative clothes.

Achiko Clothes

Rear closeups of Achiko’s clothes showing the fine details.

Achiko & Ramika

Achiko looks Ramika in the eyes. Side view of Achiko’s jacket showing the roses.

The Book

What’s “Pinky:st.”? Short presentation with a group picture featuring some of the girls, and examples of their alternative clothing.
Special intervue with the creator of Pinky:st., Youki Kanaya (BABYsue); followed by a catalog with illustrated details of all the releases, including the upcoming Range Murata Pinky, and the garage kits; Yukata, Summer Dress, Snow Board, German Tank Commander, and Yukihime. The two giant deka Pinky are also shown.
Pinky:st. with Toy! Pinky in school, with hats and glasses, showing off their fancy cars. The last page shows how you can make a nice base to display your Pinky on.
Let’s Repainting! Embellish your Pinky with pearls, decals, markers and paint by talented artist Tomoe Ogoshi.
Shall we custom your Pinky? More advanced customizing tips using epoxy putty. How to attach handles to Re-ment for Pinky to carry. Several examples of how to modify Pinky clothes and bodies by BABYsue.
Take “Pinky” Pictures! How to photograph your Pinky with tips on lighting.
A sizing chart with millimeter measurements for the various Pinky parts. Translated scheme by hrist!
How to reshape legs [in hot water] and how to strengthen a neck.


Achiko Lisa Reptile

Lisa: Don’t worry Achiko, I’ve got it covered...

Tomato Achiko

Achiko hiding among the tomatoes.

Achiko Plank Wall

Achiko on the red plank wall. The depth of field is too short, I think.


Acchi Kocchi begins the phraze “Acchi Kocchi Socchi” which was used in the anime Chiisana Obake Acchi, Kocchi, Socchi (Japanese title below) that have the English title Little Ghosts There, Here, Where. Kocchi is the short form of kochira – this way, normally followed by the other demonstratives sochira, achira, and the interrogative dochira – which way or which one.

Chiisana Obake


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