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Pentax Cameras

Optio A10/20/30/40

Pentax Lenses

SMC-DA 40 f/2.8 LE
SMC-A 50 f/1.4
SMC-A 24 f/2.8
FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited
DA 21mm F3.2AL Limited
FA 31/1.8 AL ED Limited
FA F1.8 77mm Limited

Other Lenses

Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 FE
Peleng 8mm f/3.5 FE



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Pentax K20D

Pentax K20D

Pentax has released the Firmware Update Software Version 1.03 for K20D. This improves the accuracy of the Shake Reduction.
April ’09 saw the release of a silver K20D titanium as a limited release. DCWatch offers a pictorial review. Needless to say, this works very well with the FA 77mm F1.8 Limited, as depicted.
The successor to the acclaimed K10D was released Jan 24 (2008). As rumored, its main feature is the new Pentax designed 15 MP CMOS sensor that is manufactured by partner Samsung (that is making its own version under the moniker GX-20).
The new sensor that offers 14.6 million effective pixels reduces the circuitry surrounding the image sensing areas in three dimensions, enabling a highers ensitivity and lower noise. See the illustrations on this (Japanese) page for a graphical explanation.
Other new features are a Live View function, and extended Dynamic Range function, and improvements to the Dust Removal and Shake Reduction functions. Custom Functions can be applied to the images in the camera. The monitor has been increased slightly to 2.7 inches. A new battery and improved energy savings allow for more images per charge. All new is a X-sync socket for use with studio flashes.
K20D reviews are starting to trickle in, here is a nice one from the Digital Camera Reviews.
French Declic Photo gives the K20 five out of five stars. Pentax Forums has the details.
TrustedReviews is very impressed by the K20D in its review. “This is the most powerful semi-pro DSLR in the world, and will blow your head clean off. ”
Reg Hardware finds the K20D a great camera for the serious snapper.
Mike Johnston in The Online Photographer choses the K20D as one of his top new camera recommendations. Not surprisingly, he appreciates its peerless lens compatibility.
DPReview review of the K20D – Highly Recommended.
Mike Johnston writes about the Nikon D700, unparalleled at high ISOs, but at normal speeds the K20D is just as good or even better.

Pentax K10D

Pinky & K10D

The Mono Comme Ça Yoshiko twins flanking the new Pentax K10D, here with the DA 21mm lens.


THE K10D is the first Pentax 10 MP DSLR and the second featuring image stabilization or Shake Reduction (SR), as the company calls it. This is built into the camera body and can be used by all lenses, new and old. When using vintage lenses their focal length have to be entered into the cameras menu system, with new lenses this is automatic. Pentax claims that the SR system is an improved version of that in the K100D with stronger magnets and more power that should give the photographer 2.5 to 4 levels added sensitivity.
New in K10D is Dust Removal (DR) by knocking the sensor assembly against a stop and collecting the dust on a sticky surface! DR also utilizes the SP Coating used on the FE Zoom lens.
The new Pentax Real IMage Engine (PRIME) processor is used to handle the 10MP sensor data and allow 22bit A/D conversion instead of the 12bits used by other cameras (final RAW data is 12bits this far though).
The K10D offers two new unique exposure modes; Sv that stands for Sensitivity priority, and TAv that combines the T and A modes. The camera has a new dial in the front that controls the shutter speed, while the old one in the back handles the aperture.
Naturally, the K10D has the bright pentaprism viewfinder of the *ist D/DS.
The body is sealed against dust and moisture, as will the new DA* lenses be, when introduced in 2007.
The K10D use a Li-ion battery that gives more power than AA-cells. One battery charge can give over 1,000 exposures. The battery is equivalent to the Minolta NP400.

Pinky & K10D

The back offers several new controls but is still pretty uncrowded although Rui may think differently.


Yet another award for the K10D – EISA European Camera of the Year 2007-2008.
Camera of the Year: Pentax K10D – in PopPhoto.com in Editor's Choice 2007: Advanced DSLRs.
The K10D is Camera of the Year in American Photo. Scan at PentaxForums.com.
The PENTAX K10D Digital SLR Camera Wins “Camera Grand Prix 2007” in Japan. Pentax English Press Release.
The K10D is Best Expert D-SLR in the TIPA 2007 Awards!
German CHIP heads its test by Die Super-SLR and finds the K10D the new No 1 in the 1000 Euro class.
A couple of 200mm examples by Ned Bunnel. K10D shake reduction sample
K10D Photos of Mom by Ned Bunnel. Fine photos of a great lady taken at ISO 200-1600 with the 31mm Limited lens!
Body size: K10D vs K100D; a comparison by Ned Bunnel.
Video presentation by US Pentax representative on YouTube.
UK What Digital Camera compares the K10D to it's sibling, the Samsung GX10 in it's March 2007 issue. Both get a very good 90% verdict, the only thing that really seperates the two is the UK 2 year warranty for the Samsung. “What we are looking at here is a pair of cracking DSLR's that redefine what we should expect at this price point.”


Apples 135mm

Shake Reduction demo using a vintage M 135mm lens; f/5.6(?), 1/20 sec, ISO 100.

BRIO 21mm

It was getting dark when I took this image with the DA 21mm lens; f/3.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 100.

Santa 31mm

Pavement seasonal figure caught with the A 31mm Limited lens; f/2.4, 1/45 sec, ISO 200.

Moss 31mm

Mossy Christmas wreaths, A 31mm Limited lens; f/2.4, 1/45 sec, ISO 200.

Belted 31mm

Window display, A 31mm Limited lens; f/2.4, 1/20 sec, ISO 200.

Lens Choice & Use

Three new DA* lenses, weather proofed and SDM ready, will become available for the K10D in 2007. The trio consist of the compact smc PENTAX-DA* 16-50mm F2.8ED AL [IF], the telephoto smc PENTAX-DA* 50-135mm F2.8ED [IF] (spring 2007), and the super-telephoto zoom lens smc PENTAX-DA* 60-250mm F4ED [IF] (December 2007). New Pentax lens roadmap for 2006-7.

The Pentax Lens Mount

Starting with the 1981 KF mount, Pentax cameras have included a number of contacts in the bayonet mount that enable new features such as autofocus and automatic aperture handling. Later, additional contacts inside the body supplied power for motorized zoom.
Interested readers should refer to the excellent site by Bojidar Dimitrov for more information on the various mount versions, including the actual use of the contacts.

Latest News

Youre K10D DSLR can now be controlled from your computer with the help of the PENTAX REMOTE Assistant 3 Software. Download the software here for PC and for Mac.


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