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Pinky:st Series 3

With five unique girls out in 2003 and the first series repaints sold out, the time was ripe for three new girls in late spring 2004. Hana, Lisa and Reina brought not only new faces but also new clothes. Colorful jackets, jeans, duffel coates, a frilly skirt and a long skirt, a fanny pack, and a muffler, were all new items in the Pinky fashion world.

Series 3 Regular

Hana, Lisa and Reina relaxing in their regular outfits.

The Girls

Poor Hana looks so worried. “Some time ago, I said something. I'm sorry, it's nothing.”
Bold Lisa is the mysterious Pinky, either you love her, or you hate her fangs. Is she a vampire with those yellow eyes? Maybe, but her teeth can also be an example of Japanese yaeba; too many teeth can be cute. “Whenever I remember that story from yesterday I can't stop smiling. Aha, she’ll pay.”
Reina is the shy girl with the beautiful eyes. “I have omelette rice and over there is some sauce. Could this be just for me?!”

Series 3 Alternative

Here the girls have donned their alternative clothes.

The Extras

In addition to an extra set of clothes, Hana carries a small suitcase, Lisa has a fanny pack, and Reina a yellow muffler. Not to forget the three badges for you!

Series 3 Badges

The regular series 3 can badges features portraits of Hana, Lisa and Reina.

 Lisa and Reina

In this closeup Lisa and Reina demonstrate the details of their clothes.

Lisa and Hana

Another closeup of Lisa’s cute jacket and Hana in her gray duffel coat.

Lisa and Hana

Hana in white sneakers and jeans with a pink belt and the fanny pack (T-shirt not included).

The Repaints – Series 3A

A second set with Hana, Lisa and Reina was released in December 2004 in new clothes and with new can-badge pins. These girls may still be available in the shops.

Series 3 Repaint Badges

The badges of the colorful series 3 repaints feature funny text.

Series 3A Regular

Hana, Lisa and Reina show their all new colorful attire.

Series 3A Alternative

Even more new clothes. Hana has got the muffler, Lisa the valise, and Reina the fanny pack.

Hana and Reina

Rear views of Hana’s and Reina’s decorated jackets.


Hana and ladybug

Hana observing the wonders of nature.

Lisa with valise

A closeup of the second Lisa and her apparel.

Hana and leaves

Hana mourning the demise of summer and the coming of cold and darkness.

Reina and Lisa

Reina and Lisa in Queen Margareta’s flower garden.


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