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Updated 08-12-21


Pinky Projects

The Koroko Shoes
The Sitting Legs
Get the shoes in the shop!

Coming Up

Series 11




Koroko Shoe Shop

You will find Koroko shoes on standing and sitting legs for sale here! In addition, two kinds of skirts are available for the sitting legs only, one short pleated skirt, and a slightly longer straight one with three slits.
There is now a second model of the standing legs with cute Mary Jane type shoes. I have only made a few of these so far but will ramp up the production if your girls want them.
The shoes come in many colors, most of the ones available for Crocs should be possible to do. There are a number already finished in stock, as shown in the images below. The short skirt is avialable in many colors, most of the long ones have sold out so your girls will have to tell us what they like and I will make new ones as needed.
Confused by all the blues? So am I, just look at a Crocs list and you will find almost a dozen shades of blue. I cannot have all those in stock, please tell me which one(s) you like, and I will try to make them.
This far I have painted all finished legs in skin color, the new ones are casted in skin colored plastic. The unpainted legs will thus be in colored plastic, while most finished ones will have painted legs with a skin color that may vary between different pairs. The pictures should give you an idea of how they look.


One pair of legs, standing or sitting, is $2 unpainted, and $5 painted in the color of your choice.
One skirt is $1 unpainted, and $2 painted. Delivery may take a little while if you choose a color that I have not made up yet.
Postage and packaging will be $2 for one pair of legs with one or two skirts, $4 for about two to five pairs, and $7 for more than that.
The prefered payment mode is PayPal, which seems to be acceptable to most.


A note on the sitting legs. VANCE now offers sitting legs and a school desk with chair in the WF Summer 2008 Limited Set. There is also a very limited issue of Yuki Nagato sitting on a clap chair. Please note that these chairs are too small for the sitting legs I am offering here. The Re-Ment furniture that I have used for my legs is a bit too large for Pinky but at the time it was the only available. Pleased see the school photos below for a comparison.

The unpainted pieces usually comes directly from the mold so you will need to do some finishing yourself, depending on the degree of perfection you require. The part where the plastic enters the mold is rough, naturally, the separating lines can be visible in places and there may be tiny air holes. A knife, sanding paper, putty and paint is neccessary to finish the parts. I use Scotch sanding foam and Mr. Hobby Dissolved Putty. Tamiya White Putty may be useful, the gray one should be avoided under lighter colors. Don’t forget to clean the casts before painting them, I remove the mold release agent with ordinary soap and water.
Regrettably, the long skirt fits tightly on the legs (I did not allow for the paint). Consequently, dark paint from the skirt might smudge the lighter pants. To prevent this, I will lubricate the top of the legs with some vaseline or silicon paste, and you may consider the same if you notice any discoloring or stickiness.


Here are pictures of the latest finished items. Most colors are only available in a single pair, some in several pairs. New ones will appear now and then, please check again and ask if there is something you miss.
The fuchsia is getting closer, the current experiment is called flourescent hot pink. Hopefully, your girls will like it!

Fuchsia Tamae

Tamae in her fuchsia crocs.

Sitting 3

The new sandal in gold, red, and celery.

Fuchsia turquoise Orange

Fuchsia, that is, hot pink, turquoise, and new orange.

Standing 1

Cotton candy, fuchsia, lavender, peacock blue, light blue, sea foam and celery.

Standing 2

Pink, red, ruby, purple, sky blue, and another light blue, I think.

Standing 3

Gold, silver, black, brown, grape, and military green.

Sitting Q

Sitting legs in silver, dark green, yellow, and grape.

Sitting 2

Light blue, peacock blue, sky blue, lavender and grape.

Sitting greens

Various greens: celery, sea foam, medium/military green, and dark green.

Skirts 1

Skirts in sky blue, lavender, grape, ruby, and cotton candy.

Skirts 2

Military green, sea foam, pearl, gold, and white. Blue, dark green, steel blue, black, and pink.

EVA skirt

Kokoro cosplaying in steel blue skirt and brown school shoes. Chair and desk from Re-Ment.

School desks

Another view of Kokoro at her desk next to the new school set, and an incompatible desk.

Here are images of the standing legs introduced last year. Many colors are still available, please ask if you see something that your girls may fancy.

Six Pinky Shoes

My prototypes in yellow, white, dark blue, pink, dark green and red.

Maya Blue Skirt

Maya with blue shoes matching her skirt. Also, some browns and greens.


A closeup of the gold Koroko shoe.

That is all for now. I hope you found something you liked :-)
Please use the email address in the top of the page, or PM the sork at Inga’s forum.


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